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Abhinav Kohli Accuses Shweta Tiwari of Keeping Him Away from Son Reyaansh, Seeks Help

Abhinav Kohli and Shweta Tiwari

Abhinav Kohli and Shweta Tiwari

About a year back, Shweta Tiwari separated from her second husband Abhinav Kohli, who has said the actress is not letting him meet their son.

A year ago, TV actress Shweta Tiwari separated from her second husband Abhinav Kohli. The Kasautii Zindagii Kay fame actress had accused Kohli of misbehaving with her and daughter Palak. While they separated, neither of them sought divorce.

Now, in an interview to the Times of India, Kohli has accused Shweta of keeping him away from their first child, son Reyaansh. He mentioned feeling "being cheated".

Kohli further claimed that he has taken care of all the needs of Shweta and her family from September last year till May 2020. However, things changed after May 15, when the former Bigg Boss winner called in cops when Kohli tried to meet his son Reyaansh.

"Whenever she needed me be it 2 am or 4 am I was there because I wanted to stay with my baby, but now she is not letting me meet him. She has treated me like a servant. All this while I kept quite thinking that her behaviour is good to me, so it is better for our child because he is getting the love of both his parents," he said.

He also alleges that Shweta has cited COVID-19 reasons to keep him away from Reyaansh, but this started only in May. When he saw Reyaansh throwing an iPad during one of their calls, Kohli rushed to see the little one. However, Shweta refused to let him meet Reyaansh and has been making excuses ever since.

"On May 15, you allow me to meet the child and suddenly you are talking about coronavirus. For two months I myself didn't try to meet our son for his safety since I was stepping out frequently to buy groceries or other stuff," he added.

The estranged husband also mentioned the time when problems began between them. He revealed that it began in 2015 after his father's death and claimed that Shweta began the fights ever since.

"She did not even give me time to mourn. She has been asking for divorce since 2016 but I always told her no and asked her to resolve our problems mutually. I told her marriage is not a joke, if you wanted divorce then we should have never planned a baby. We should not torture the little baby and let us give him normal parenting. Let both the parents be with him during his growing up years," he continued.

Shweta hasn't comment on the issue yet.

first published:July 01, 2020, 16:15 IST