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Actor Param Singh Recalls Shocking Casting Couch Experience, Says 'I Felt Like Punching Him' | Exclusive

By: Chirag Sehgal


Last Updated: November 26, 2022, 07:26 IST

Mumbai, India

Param Singh answers if he has switched from television to theatre. (Photo: @photographybyafn/Instagram)

Param Singh answers if he has switched from television to theatre. (Photo: @photographybyafn/Instagram)

Param Singh opens up about the casting couch and recalls a shocking incident from his initial career days. Read to know what Singh has to say.

From Sadda Haq to Ishq Par Zor Nahi among others, television actor Param Singh has featured in several popular shows. However, amid his career on television and OTT, the actor recently decided to showcase his talent in theatre with the play Peecha Karti Parchhaiyan, which will be performed in Mumbai today i.e November 26. In an exclusive conversation with News18 Showsha, Param talked about the same and revealed why he decided to switch to theatre from television. He also answered if being a part of a play makes him insecure about being typecast as a ‘theatre artist’. Besides this, Param Singh also opened up about the casting couch and recalled a shocking incident from his initial career days. Read to know what Singh has to say:

What details can you share about your upcoming play? Are you excited or nervous?

The name of the play is Peecha Karti Parchhaiyan and it’s an Indian adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play named “Ghosts”. I play the character of Yuvraj who is shown to be a fashion designer coming back from Paris. The play pivots around the realistic conflicts that arise due to differences in thought patterns of two generations, double standards of individuals in the society and most importantly, issues that persist in an Indian household. It basically touches on topics that we notice but don’t attempt to talk about or understand for that matter. I am both excited and nervous but when I am on stage I just don’t feel anything for I am in the thought of character and I just focus on doing my part.

Why did you decide to switch to theatre while you are already successful on television? 

I didn’t exactly decide to switch to theatre. I was offered the play and the script spiked my interest. I then took up the opportunity and I am happy with the process and detailing that goes into it. I really enjoy the discipline that comes with acting in theatre. As an actor, one needs to keep experimenting and it’s important to have the experience of working in different mediums. I love acting in front of the camera and all mediums are at par for me as each one has its own essence. The script & character arch will be the driving factor for me always.

Does this also make you feel insecure about losing future projects in terms of television or OTT?

No, I don’t feel insecure about losing projects because I am performing on the stage and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I don’t fear my future because I feel things will fall in place if I keep being honest in my line of action. Also, the fact that our industry comes with uncertainty and risks and one has to accept it. As a person, I am open to take the risks as they come through.

You have also been shooting for a web show? What genre is it? When will your fans be able to watch it? 

My web show is a crime thriller. Currently, it’s on floors and we are shooting for it. I am guessing it will be out next year.

You have been in the industry for such a long time now, are you satisfied with where you are today? 

No, I am not satisfied at all because there’s a long way to go for me to reach where I aim. I want to explore my field more, dig deeper into my craft and challenge myself as an artist. I am however grateful for everything I have achieved and worked on so far.

Unfortunately, casting couch is a reality. Several actors, including Ranveer Singh recently opened up about the same. Did you ever face such a situation and are you comfortable talking about it? 

Yes, I have faced such a situation initially. I wouldn’t be able to take the name but I had once gone to meet a casting director for work and he tried getting physical with me. I pushed him away then and almost felt like punching him but he got scared and then I just left. I know how to manage myself and somewhere I feel sad for people who have to go through crap as such. It’s not something that is right in spirit. I think we as individuals should take a stand in such situations to avoid mudslinging acts of the sort. One just needs to work hard on their craft and themselves to achieve the results. Yes, the process is slow but it’s worth it in the end.

How did you handle failures or rejections during your initial career days? 

Rejection is a part and parcel of our industry. Everyday, many actors are rejected and only one gets selected for a role. Initially, it was a bit tough because I couldn’t understand what I lack because there are many reasons behind getting selected or not. Over the years I have realised that we shouldn’t take anything personally. I now just prefer going for a test and then forget about it. I avoid pondering over it or waiting for a response, to be honest. I just consider the tests as an opportunity to go and perform.

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first published:November 26, 2022, 07:26 IST
last updated:November 26, 2022, 07:26 IST
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