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Actress Sambhavna Seth Rushed to Hospital, Here's What Happened

Sambhavna Seth

Sambhavna Seth

Sambhavna Seth had to be rushed to the hospital because her blood pressure dropped. The actress is also suffering from an ear infection.

Former Bigg Boss contestant and actress Sambhavna Seth was rushed to the hospital during the wee hours on Monday. Her husband Avinash Dwivedi had shared the news of her ill health on social media writing, "Hi guys yesterday night we had to rush to the hospital as Sambhavna is unwell. We came back at 5 am in the morning. And now taking her to the hospital again. So there will be no Vlog today."

Now, in an interview, Sambhavna has revealed why she had to visit the hospital in emergency. She said, "Actually my blood pressure went very low and I fainted. Also, I have major ear infection. Right now my ear is completely blocked."

Sambhavna also revealed her ordeal of not being able to get immediate medical care due to the coronavirus outbreak. She added, "No hospitals let us in at 4 in the morning. They did not open their gates. I tried a few and then went to Kokilaben and thankfully they attended me."

Reportedly, Sambhavna is now back home and is receiving treatment for her health problems.

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