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Aditya Seal on Working with Priyadarshan in Anamika: He Is a Pure Genius

Aditya Seal on Working with Priyadarshan in Anamika: He Is a Pure Genius

Actor Aditya Seal, whose latest release is Anamika, an unconventional love story directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Priyadarshan, talked about his experience of working with the latter.

Actor Aditya Seal, who is known for films like Student of the Year 2 and Tum Bin 2, is currently a part of a multi-starrer anthology called Forbidden Love, where four award-winning filmmakers have come together to tell unconventional love stories. Aditya is a part of Anamika, directed by National Award-winning director Priyadarshan.

“It is not going to be your typical, traditional love story with a happy ending. It is not going to be Bollywood at all. We are trying to show a very true side of what can actually happen within a quintessential housewife who is not appreciated for the amount of efforts she puts in. Her husband is very unappreciative of her. You want love, everybody deserves love. Wherever you find it, you go for it, especially when you are not respected in your own household. This is what we are showing in Forbidden Love, and in Anamika," said Aditya.

He continued, “This man (Priyadarshan) is a genius. He has given such comedy films forever and to suddenly showcase something like this, and to do it so nicely, is amazing."


“His way of working is very different. Every scene that he is doing, he is editing in his mind. For example, if the first two lines of the scene is a close-up, the next two will be something else. He will shoot it like that. He will only take two lines in a close-up, he will take the next two lines in a two-shot or whatever he sees fit. But that’s how he works, he just knows his project at the back of his mind, and I haven’t seen anything like this before. It made my life very easy, because I surrendered totally," Aditya explained.

Aditya plays a young man who falls in love with an older woman. This isn’t the first time he was doing so. The actor debuted in 2002 with Ek Chhotisi Love Story with Manisha Koirala where he played a teenager infatuated with an older woman.

Aditya said, “This was a running joke on set, he (Priyadarshan) would come and tell me, ‘you have fallen in love with this woman, and she is much older than you. But that’s nothing new for you, you have done it before right?’ And I would say, ‘but I haven’t done it in reality.’ Of course I have, have fallen in love. Let’s call it love because as a teenager, you sometimes have an attraction towards your teachers, and that did happen with me. So it was a lot of fun."

Aditya’s co-stars Pooja Kumar and Harsh Chhaya helped him a lot during the shoot. “They are seniors and you gain so much out of them. I did not have a lot of scenes with Harsh sir, but I think there were two or three scenes that we had together. And it was so interesting because when he just walks in, the entire tangent for a scene just changes. Because he has this calm demeanor about himself, and that doesn’t go unnoticed. Then when he suddenly goes angry for a certain scene, it is so unexpected and refreshing to see him do that. You just gain a lot of knowledge and experience from them.

“Pooja ma’am has been working for so long, she has worked with Priyadarshan sir so she knew how he functioned. She helped me with that a lot. Working with Priyadarshan sir was very different and I have never come across a director like that so she helped me a lot to cope with that," he said.

The actor’s feature film Indoo Ki Jawani starring Kiara Advani was scheduled to release in June 2020, but had to be delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“It would have been released now under ideal conditions, but due to covid, our producers are taking a call which they see fit. We don’t have a release date yet, we don’t know where it will release," said Aditya.

“Another film that I am doing is Rocket Gang, which is Bosco’s (Martis) directorial debut. It has a lot of dancing, comedy and horror. But it has a lot of emotion as well," the actor said.

Forbidden Love also consists of Aranged Marriage, Diagnosis of Love and Rules of the Game.