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After 30 Years in Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan Says 'Hope to Achieve What I Came to Mumbai for with Pathaan'

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Last Updated: June 26, 2022, 17:37 IST

Shah Rukh Khan flaunts his eight-pack abs from the sets of Pathaan.

Shah Rukh Khan flaunts his eight-pack abs from the sets of Pathaan.

Shah Rukh Khan, who completes 30 years in the Hindi film industry today, opened up about his upcoming release Pathaan and revealed why it is special for him.

Shah Rukh Khan completes three decades in the industry today. The actor, who was based in Delhi, came to Mumbai to be a part of the film industry and started his work in The TV industry. 30 years back, on this day, SRK’s first film release and the rest is history. Today, he is King Khan, a man who has the hearts of million not Justin India but all over the world. To celebrate this special day, he decided to come live on Instagram and answer questions from fans. And, as can be expected, he revealed a lot about his upcoming film with YRF, Pathaan, that will co-star Deepika Padukone and John Abraham.

Talking about Pathaan, SRK revealed he has enjoyed the process of filming Pathaan, but has not gotten a chance to see the film yet. Calling Aditya Chopra (producer) and Siddharth Anand (director) ‘kanjoos’ because of not showing the film yet, he added that Pathaan gave him what he had been missing. SRK said that he took a break after Zero because he was not enjoying the process of filmmaking, but Pathaan offered him something different. And he even said that he hopes to achieve what he came to Mumbai for with Pathaan.

The actor, answering to a separate question, added that he misses keeping his hair long for Pathaan the most, not that the shoot is over. The pandemic helped him keep his hair long. He also said, “I always had the desire to grow my hair long. Hopefully when we make part 2 of Pathaan, if you all love it, I will grow my hair long again.”
He also celebrated his 3 decades journey in the industry by shooting for Pathaan. He revealed that while he had forgotten that he will complete 30 years in the industry soon, it was Aditya Chopra who remembered it and thought it should be celebrated. And SRK said he celebrated it in the best possible way- by being on the sets and working. He opened up about working for 18 hours straight, and revealed that he was working on Pathaan from 4:30 pm yesterday, and finished shoot only at 8:30 am today. He thanked ‘friend’ Aditya Chopra for being kind, and celebrating 30 years by ‘giving me a film that’s as good as Pathaan’.

Before signing off, he revealed the anecdote of how the film got its name. He revealed that Siddharth Anand, the director, had narrated a lot of films and unfortunately they could not work together because of timings. He also had the title Pathaan with him for years. Siddharth had told him, ‘Sir, maine yeh picture ready kr li hai, Pathaan’. SRK then added, “One fine day, when we could not work on two of the scripts that he had, he sent me a very sweet message, ‘I have this title ‘Pathaan’. I’ve not been able to get a film with you because of timings. Now you please take the title and make the film whenever you want.’ I still have the message.”

He said that it was after things started opening up after the pandemic that Adi (Aditya Chopra) came to him and said that Siddharth wanted to make Pathaan with him then. He revealed that the journey of the film has been long, and that they got the script ‘which felt like Pathaan’. He called it an ‘old, old, old dream’ that the three of them have seen together and That’s why his hair, his muscles look like a ‘macho Pathaan’.

Pathaan, starring SRK in the titular role, Deepika Padukone as the leading lady and John Abraham as the antagonist, will release on 25th January, 2023.

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first published:June 25, 2022, 17:41 IST
last updated:June 26, 2022, 17:37 IST