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Aiyaary to Zero: 8 Films That Made us Regret Buying That Ticket in 2018


Last Updated: December 30, 2018, 12:47 IST

Aiyaary to Zero: 8 Films That Made us Regret Buying That Ticket in 2018

This year, the Hindi film industry saw a shift in content strategy, and the mighty Khans were the first casualty of it.

No yearender movie list will be complete without the films that made us cringe, curse and regret our choices. So, here is our list of the films that made us look anxiously at our watches. This is not what we had signed up for.

Aiyaary: It was supposed to be about a rogue RAW agent who wants to teach his former organisation a lesson. However, after a while, the agents, both on the run and on the lookout, started behaving like the most powerful men on the planet. Nobody had any clue as to how to control the mess that was spread over 160-minutes.

Welcome To New York: Two contest winners meet on a flight and decide to take revenge of their plight on the audiences. As if the flat jokes were not enough, the director decided to cut in between the footage of actual award shows. Leave aside the eye axis, you wouldn’t even understand what the stars in the cameos want. Nobody prepared us for such a sudden assault on our senses.

Hate Story 4: I get it. It was all about the skin show and some cheap thrills. Nobody else could be blamed. We always knew what we were getting into. Even then, watching creepy men spiking drinks and cheeky women mouthing dialogues like, “Tumne jism nahi liya hota toh aaj mujhe waqt dene ki zaroorat nahi hoti,” was a little too much.

Race 3: From unimaginably cocky dialogues to meme-worthy action scenes, it had everything that would put you to sleep. From screaming psychotic gangsters to scheming arms dealers, Salman Khan’s films looked straight out of the ‘70s, minus the fun. And then, Daisy Shah said, “My business is my business, none of your business.”

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Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3: It was that type of a film which finishes careers. There are only two kinds of characters in this one: One who drinks, and the other who drinks and pulls triggers. It seemed wiser to pick up a fight with any random person in the cinema hall just for the sake of killing time than watching Sanjay Dutt walking in slow motion for more than two hours.

Jalebi: It was about a never ending train journey that made us count the number of people inside the theatre. You just wanted to make sure that you’re not in this alone. There are chances that you wouldn’t recall anything after the first fifteen minutes because you would have probably dozed off after that.

Namaste England: A terrific guide on how to ruin an established franchise. Story was more or less the same as the original, Namaste London, but the execution was ten times more painful. Don’t tell me star-kids are guided better than outsiders in Bollywood!

Zero: Who would have thought of putting a Shah Rukh Khan film in such a list a couple of years back? From Meerut to Mars, Shah Rukh keeps losing ardent fans in this never ending saga of 165 minutes.

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