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Ajay Devgn Wants to Develop Franchise Around Tanhaji with Focus on Unsung Heroes

Ajay Devgn. (Image: Instagram)

Ajay Devgn. (Image: Instagram)

"People know about these heroes locally but we want to take their stories to every corner of the country," Ajay said during a media interaction.

Actor Ajay Devgn on Monday said he plans to turn his next "Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior" into a franchise, telling the stories of all the heroes who have been forgotten.

Speaking at the film's second trailer launch here, Ajay said people know about their heroes in their respective states but he wants to tell their stories to the whole country.

"With Tanhaji, we are starting a franchise on unsung warriors. This is the first film in that. We would like to make films about people who have been forgotten and have done so much for the country.

"We want to take this franchise forward because every state has a hero... Not state but these are all national heroes and icons. They are known more in their states than in the country. We want to tell their stories all across the country," the actor told reporters here.

The period drama features Ajay in the role of Maratha commander Tanhaji Malusare in Chhatrapati Shivaji's army. In the late 17th century, Tanhaji fought Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb's trusted commander Uday Bhan to defend strategic hill fortress of Kondhana.

The actor said Maratha people are well-versed with the story of Tanhaji but that is not the case in other parts of the country.

"People in Maharashtra are completely aware about Tanhaji and what he did for the country. Those in north India don't know about him despite the fact that he fought for this country. There is a difference in education."

"For the next film, the warrior could be from Punjab, Rajasthan or some other state. People know about these heroes locally but we want to take their stories to every corner of the country. They all fought for the country and have sacrificed their lives in safeguarding it."

Ajay also believes that cinema has emerged as an important medium of telling the history.

"It is a good source. Today's generation, they know about history from overseas. They know what the British did, what the Americans did but people are forgetting our history.

"We've had great heroes and warriors in our country. They can become an inspiration for people if we are able to present their stories on screen."

Saif is essaying the role of Uday Bhan and he does not care about the image as long as the character is good.

"I don't care about image. If I get good work, then its a great thing. There should be image of an actor these days that he is able to pull off different characters and roles. I feel very happy that I got to play a different character... It was one of the most exciting roles of my career."

Saif said there wasn't much preparation for the character.

"Om Raut (director) and I spent so much time on set. He was very clear in his head about what we wanted from me. I knew that he went up to Ajay and said that he wanted to cast me for the part. So he had something in his head, which he later explained to me and together we did it."

Kajol, who portrays Tanhaji's wife Savitribai, said she wanted to honour the women who support their men whem they go out and fight for the country.

"They are also the unsung heroes. It takes a lot out of them to do that and still go back to their families and be normal. Savitri Malusare is someone whom I very deeply and completely admire."

"Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior" is scheduled to be released on January 10.

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