Ali Fazal ‘Disturbed’ by Idea of Young Boys Admiring Mirzapur’s Abuse and Violence

Ali Fazal ‘Disturbed’ by Idea of Young Boys Admiring Mirzapur’s Abuse and Violence

Actor Ali Fazal, in a recent interview said that when he saw young boys sharing images from Mirzapur and fawning over the show's abusive behaviour, he got a bit disturbed.

The much-awaited second season of Mirzapur has finally released on OTT platform Amazon Prime Video. The main lead, Ali Fazal, recently spoke about his immense gratitude at the show’s unexpected success and becoming a bigger star because of it.

The character, Guddu Bhaiyya, has created an almost cult-like following for the actor. From the slow, somewhat “un-smart” body-building brawns-over-brain, the character has involved into something much bigger in season 2. Apart from the positives, he also shared his views on the whole #BoycottMirzapur 2 trend on Twitter where people wanted the show to be banned on account of the extremely abusive language used on-screen.

In a bare-all interview with Zoom, he revealed that he had talked with the producers that if the language could be cleaned up just a little. He said that there is a lot of violence on the show and seeing young boys sharing the images from the show who might follow the abusive behaviour, he got a bit disturbed. He suggested to use the abuse sparingly. However, he said people become so eager to draw the line of what’s good or bad only comes when “quality-content” is shared.

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When asked if he would play any other role than Guddu Bhaiyya, Faizal revealed he would rather play the character of Golu or Beena.

Golu (Shweta Tripathi) is Guddu’s sister-in-law and is being lauded as a very good example of a female character. Beena (Rashika Dugal) is Kaleen Bhaiyya’s wife (Pankaj Tripathi) who again is shown to display some more emotional strength and cunning.

As for the trolls who wanted to boycott the show due to Ali's political stand, he said it was very unfair. It is not just him who is a part of the show but there is a whole team of actors, artists, spot boys or camera people; all of these people are a part of the team. He called the process of the boycott trend as “machinery behind it” and said the best thing to do was not indulge in any of it.

Ali will be next seen in Kenneth Brannagh's Death on the Nile starring Brannagh, Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Letitia Wright, Emma Mackie, Rose Leslie and Russel Brand. It is based on Agatha Christie's novel of the same name.

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