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Amber Heard Decodes Her 'The Stand' Character, Explains Why Stephen King Is Important

Amber Heard Decodes Her 'The Stand' Character, Explains Why Stephen King Is Important

Amber Heard, who plays Nadine Cross in the cinematic adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Stand', talks about her character being on the cross-roads between good and evil, and a victim of sexual abuse.

In 1978, Stephen King wrote a 1300 word manuscript called The Stand, about a post-apocalyptic world where the remaining survivors band together in two different camps of good and evil. In 2020, the 42 year old book has got a cinematic adaptation in the form of a mini-series and it boasts of a star-studded cast.

Actress Amber Heard plays Nadine Cross, a survivor who joins the 'good' camp of Boulder Free Zone, but is actually hiding a deep dark secret. In a recent roundtable interview, Amber talked about being a part of the show that blurs the line between good and evil.

"I think that's the interesting part of what Stephen King has so brilliantly been able to do in creating this story and the characters that live within it, is that they don't represent good or evil as blanket ideas or concepts," she said.

She added, “The nuances of our flaws and our strengths and how they fight with one another, for our attention and action, is the whole point of what makes Stephen King's characters so dynamic and brilliant. They look like us, they feel like us. None of them are all good or bad. For me it's the impulse to do what's best for us versus doing what's best for other people.”

Nadine Cross is arguably the most complex and debated female character of the Stephen King universe. "For me that's exactly why I wanted to play Nadine, because of that element and dynamic that people don't know what to make of her. That makes her infinitely more interesting for me.”

With time, people change the lens through which they view iconic characters. In the context of the post-MeToo era, Nadine Cross can be seen as a victim of grooming, a form of sexual abuse. When asked about that, Amber said, "I think it is something that shows in the age and how we discuss and see such dynamics. Nadine is a perfect example of somebody who is groomed, she is raised in isolation and as an isolated, vulnerable person somebody comes into her life and acts as a care-taker. That's the unspoken part of their dynamic is that Flagg comes into Nadine's life as a guardian of sorts. He watches over her and uses his supernatural powers to offer her person a sense of protection. As a vulnerable person, it is extra enticing. It sets the tone for how their power dynamic is going to evolve. As she grows up, so does the manifestation of Flagg's interest in her," said Heard.

The show will air weekly on Voot Select from December 17, 2020.