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Ankita Lokhande Slams Those Trolling Her: If You Have a Problem, Don't Follow Me on Social Media

Ankita Lokhande

Ankita Lokhande

Ankita Lokhande has been targeted on social media lately for posting happy moments from her life. Sushant Singh Rajput fans are accusing her of 'moving on' from demanding justice for the late actor.

Actress Ankita Lokhande has been the target of trolling on social media lately as Sushant Singh Rajput fans are dropping hateful comments on her profile for posting happy moments from her life. She is being accused of 'moving on' from justice for Sushant's death to her personal life. Recently, Ankita shared a live session on social media where she seemingly addressed social media trolling on her profile.

She began the live session with the news that it will be one year on Jan 1st 2021 that she will be continuously doing meditation. She seems happy about the fact that she has been able to make it through this far after not being able to sit through one minute of meditation initially. Later, she addressed social media trolls saying, "During corona, there were a lot of things happening here and there. During this time meditation was the only thing which helped me be stable. There are a lot of ups and downs in life but meditation kept me going."

She shared she will also make a video on meditation. Ankita added, "So I really want you all to focus on your thing because 2021 is going to bring a lot of new things in life. Be ready to face it and just move on in your life. Spread positivity and spread love. Yes there are many things, whatever is happening, its okay. People have their own thoughts. They have their own thought process to take everything in. I have nothing to say against them but yes, things are there which hurt, and badly hurt. But it is okay. I know I am a very strong woman. People who have a problem with me, don't follow me. They should not come on my account. That is their call but I will still say spread positivity. You don't know what people have to say."

She signed off advising fans to take up meditation.