Annu Kapoor On 'Struggle Of 38 Years' in Indian Cinema: I've Run a Tea Stall to Keep My Life Going

Annu Kapoor On 'Struggle Of 38 Years' in Indian Cinema: I've Run a Tea Stall to Keep My Life Going

Veteran actor Annu Kapoor, who recently celebrated 'struggle of 38 years' in Indian cinema talked about how he had to struggle despite being in the industry for a long time.

Seasoned film and television actor Annu Kapoor recently took to Instagram to celebrate "38 years of struggle in Indian cinema." In a recent interview, he elaborated on his statement, saying that despite being in the industry for so long, there is no guarantee of stability here.

Talking to Hindustan Times, he said that people are destined to suffer and hence they seek happiness. He also said that the mantra that he believes in is ‘Dukh baatne se dil thoda halka ho jaata hai, aur sach baatne se hausle badh jaate hai’.

He said, “I’ve run a tea stall, fried food stall, among other things, to get myself going. So difficulties weren’t new in my life. By the time I started working in the film industry, I knew what struggle means. No workspace has the guts to ignore talent, and when they do it’s their loss. That’s why people who do hard work can survive everything."

He further added, “But, I learnt the lesson that never trust people till you’ve tried and tested them numerous times, otherwise you’ll repent. Till an actor becomes a star, he’s never considered of any worth, so work harder to achieve the goals.”

Recently, he took to Instagram to share a picture along with the texts, "Celebrating my struggle of 38 years in Indian cinema!! One 29 June 1982, I arrived in the City of Dreams with Rs 419 and 25 paise in my pocket."

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Annu Kapoor will be next seen in Khuda Hafiz starring Viddyut Jammwal and Shivaleeka Oberoi. His latest release was the TV show Anupama with Rupali Ganguli.

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