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Anthony Daniels Reveals Why He is Satisfied with End of His Journey as C-3PO in The Rise of Skywalker

Image Courtesy: Anthony Daniels Instagram

Image Courtesy: Anthony Daniels Instagram

Anthony Daniels plays the only character to have appeared in all of the 'Star Wars' films and has even played the character in a number of series based on the franchise.

As the release date for The Rise of Skywalker draws nearer, fans are feeling more nostalgic to see the end of a saga lasting more than four decades over a course of three trilogies. Each of the story's three trilogies has focussed on different characters but many have been seen in multiple trilogies. One of these is the character of C-3PO played by Anthony Daniels.

Anthony Daniels is the only actor known to have played a role in all of the Star Wars films. His journey is set to end with The Rise of Skywalker. Speaking at The Star Wars Show, he stated that he was satisfied with the end and that it was the right way to end. He said, "One of the best films is going to be Rise of Skywalker that I have adored working on. I believe, the bits I’ve seen, knowing what happened on the set, knowing what JJ’s like with his huge brain, huge intellect, huge spark, his childish joy in the whole thing, that’s gonna make this film for me the one to end on. I think it’s good when a story comes to an end. Let’s stop here because we had a great time."

Despite playing a chatty character, Daniels revealed that he ironically did not have any lines for the last day that he played C-3PO. In an autobiography, he stated that he felt the character had the potential to be used in the future as well but played by another actor. The reason for this Daniel stated was that C-3PO is "too good and big" a character to die with him.

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first published:November 25, 2019, 10:09 IST