Anushka Sharma Likens Journey of Bulbbul to Her Own, from Teenage Model to Bollywood A-Lister

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Anushka Sharma says she is quite familiar with the journey of Bulbbul from innocence to strength and resilience, having experienced it in her own life in a way.

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  • Last Updated: June 30, 2020, 12:05 AM IST
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Anushka Sharma's latest production Bulbbul has been garnering praise from the audience. The actress-producer is being lauded for backing a significant narrative such as this. Bulbbul shows the protagonist evolve from being an innocent child to a woman who takes on her oppressors.

Anushka says the journey of the protagonist onscreen is all to similar to her own career graph. Having started modelling at the age of 15, she went to star in major films in Bollywood, and started her own production house at the age of 25.

In a long note on Instagram, Anushka wrote, "The story of Bulbbul is the story of a girl's journey from innocence to strength and resilience...and it's a story I'm all too familiar with. Getting to be a part of the modelling industry at the young age of 15 had a lasting impression on me. My dad was a very big influence, always pushing me to work harder and sharing positive affirmations about life and growth."

The 32-year-old actress continued, "From understanding how the industry works to turning into a producer when I was just 25, I started Clean Slate Filmz with a vision to tell the best stories out there. Working with newer faces and fresh talent has definitely given me a new kind of perspective. We are all constantly growing, changing and evolving as humans and there’s a quiet strength to that. I chose to dive into work when I was a teenager and I’ve been growing ever since. The early start has taught me a lot and I choose to apply that wisdom in my personal and professional life every day."

Anushka recently stressed that the portrayal of women "in our cinema has always been skewed and lopsided", adding, "I felt that as an actress and I decided that I will correct this as much as I can through my productions."

"We are really proud that 'Bulbbul' is being loved by the audience because Karnesh (her brother) and I really put our necks on the line to make projects that we hope will be clutter-breaking. The fact that people have called each and every attempt of ours as daring and adventurous is validation enough for us," she said.

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