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Archana Puran Singh Does Her Own Make-up, Band Members Wear Masks On The Kapil Sharma Show

credits - Archana Puran Singh instagram

credits - Archana Puran Singh instagram

The cast of The Kapil Sharma Show has resumed shooting after four months owing to the lockdown. The show's host Archana Puran Singh shared behind-the-scene video from the set.

The shooting of The Kapil Sharma Show has resumed after a break of four months due to lockdown, with new rules and guidelines issued by the government. Archana Puran Singh, who is the host of the popular comedy show has shared behind-the-scene video from the set and showed all the precautions they are taking to stay safe.

In the video, she showed the limited set of audience they have now and then the areas that have been sanitised thoroughly. She also showed the band members and others on the set in mask.

Sharing the video on social media, "BACK TO's a set we left 4 months ago, little knowing we'd have such a long break. Now that we're back, it's as if we never left. The energy, the vibes... the sheer charge in the atmosphere was electric. And the hilarious performance by @bharti.laughterqueen @kapilsharma @krushna30 @sumonachakravarti @kikusharda and @rajivthakur007 was absolutely MINDBLOWING! With all precautions in place to ensure safety protocols and a fabulous creative team of @bharat_shutterlust @vanky1 we are ready to bring rip-roaring laughter into your homes once again," wrote Archana.

Recently, taking to Instagram Stories, Kapil Sharma also posted a few videos of his co-stars arriving at the sets amid the Covid-19 pandemic. "Taking all precautions. #Staysafe #Staysanitised,"Kapil captioned one of the videos, featuring Sumona Chakravarti.

In another clip, we can see comedian Bharti Singh being sanitised while entering the shooting premises. Her body temperature was also tested. The actors happily cooperated with the staff. Bharti even broke into a jig while the security staff sanitised her.

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