Archana Puran Singh on the Return of The Kapil Sharma Show: There Is So Much Positive Energy

credits - Archana Puran Singh Instagram

credits - Archana Puran Singh Instagram

Archana Puran Singh said that the return of The Kapil Sharma Show post lockdown is an important thing for the Indian television. She talked about the new shooting process on the sets.

Archana Puran Singh, the permanent celebrity guest on The Kapil Sharma Show, talks about the return of the popular comedy show after three-four months hiatus owing to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

“It feels like coming back to life. It's something you have been missing which has been part of your life for 35-40 years and then suddenly you have to stop that, so the feeling of returning to what you have been used to for 40 years is great.”

The shooting has resumed without the live audience, which has been an integral part of the comedy show.

“We thought that there will be a lot of impact in the absence of live audience. But amazingly, the energy that we are feeling on the sets is the same if not more. Because, the unit is very charged up, everybody wants to get back to work. The creative team, whoever crew member who sits there, they are the ones who are cheering, so the positive energies that are there on the sets compensate for the lack of live audience,” said Archana.

“Also, creative team has substituted online audience for live audience. We are taking online questions, interacting with real life people, the way Kapil used to interact with them on stage. This is something new, different which people have not seen before, so they feel Kapil has come into their homes literally and speaking personally to them,” she added.

She continued, “All the protocols which have been set by the government are followed. When guests come they stay away from Kapil. My area is completely segregated, separate from everybody else. In fact, I got a rope barrier put so that nobody can come to my chair unless it is very important,” said Archana.

She further added, “I have 90 year old mother and 87 year old father-in-law living with me. I have not been to their bedrooms in a long time now ever since we started shooting, so no interaction with them in any proximity.”

“The kind of comedy that Kapil (Sharma), Krushna (Abhisekh), Kiku (Sharda), Bharti (Singh) does, that kind of comedy was being sorely missed, something that can actually get you to laugh out loud. For 1.5 hour the show makes you forget that there is a real world and it is makes us believe that there is a make-believe world, in which beautiful guests come and everything is fun and positive. Now much more than ever the show is bringing hope, happiness, joy, laughter to millions of homes,” Archana concluded.

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