As Bigg Boss 13 Hints at Ugly Fights in Making, Here are Most Controversial Fights of All Times in the Show

image of salman khan, bigg boss 13 house, courtesy of instagram

image of salman khan, bigg boss 13 house, courtesy of instagram

Ugly, nasty, spicy, controversial - call it what you will, but these are precisely the reasons the reality show "Bigg Boss" continues to be a big hit on Indian television, 13 seasons since inception.

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Ugly, nasty, spicy, controversial - call it what you will, but these are precisely the reasons the reality show "Bigg Boss" continues to be a big hit on Indian television, 13 seasons since inception. The fights and explicit language are signature thrills, guaranteed to satisfy the voyeuristic pleasure seekers among couch potatoes. For contestants on the show hosted by superstar Salman Khan, the "Bigg Boss" house is not an easy place to survive.

"Bigg Boss" lovers have been witness to ballistic tempers, mudslinging, sky-rocketing egos and some of the nastiest catfights over the show's successful 12-year run so far. Contestants of the reality show, which began in 2006, live in a specially-constructed house with a constant vigilance of over 150 cameras in the house.

As season 13 is already throwing delectable hints at us of some glorious catfights in the making, it is time to recall the most iconic fights over the years, which are still etched into our memory:

Kashmira Shah Vs Rakhi Sawant (Season 1)

On the maiden season, motormouth Rakhi and sharp-focused Kashmira gave a lot of spicy content worth cherishing. Kashmira had turned all the housemates against Rakhi, leading to numerous fights. The season also had Rahul Roy, Carol Gracious and Amit Sadh among other names as contestants.

Sambhavna Seth Vs Payal Rohatgi (Season 2)

Just a nomination caused a huge spat between the two. Sambhavna, known for being blunt, was in no mood to take Payal's accusations, and took a stand for herself. Caught between the two was Payal's then reported beau Rahul Mahajan, who was a close friend of Sambhavna.

KRK Vs Rohit Verma (Season 3)

Kamaal Rashish Khan - or KRK, as he insists on being known to the world - is famous for his crass, sly comments on everyone in the industry. On the show, he lost his cool and threw a bottle at Rohit. This lead to KRK's immediate eviction. Rohit also alleged that KRK molested him on the show.

Dolly Bindra Vs Rest Of The House (Season 4)

The season saw the most epic fights in the history of the show. Dolly Bindra fought with all the contestants in the house. Among her most mnemorable spats was one with Bhojpuri superstar and politician Manoj Tiwari, over eggs. Vulgar abuses were hurled in routine heated arguments. Remember "Baap pe mat jaana?" Dolly also got into physical fights with Shweta Tiwari, Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel. The fourth season was clearly owned by Dolly.

Pooja Missra Vs Rest Of The House (Season 5)

The most disliked and the biggest spitfire Pooja Missra did not blend at all with most housemates during her stay. One memorable incident was when she was broke a wiper because she was angry with Shonali Nagrani. Pooja also had ugly spats with MTV VJ Siddharth Bhardwaj and Mahek Chahal.

Imam Siddique Vs Urvashi Dholakia And Aashka Goradia (Season 6)

Imam wore various getups, had peculiar mannerism and costumes, and is widely considered the most controversial wild card entry in the history of "Bigg Boss" so far. He got into an argument with Urvashi Dholakia, and nasty comments on her personal life. He went so far as to question her parenting skills, leaving the actress in tears. He even scared Aashka Goradia with his weird antics.

Kushal Tandon Vs Vj Andy (Season 7)

Television actor Kushal Tandon got into a physical fight with VJ Andy in the seventh season. During a task, Andy had to irritate the housemates and they had to ignore him. However, Andy went too personal and made unpleasant remarks about Gauahar Khan. This caused Kushal to lose his cool and he hit Andy. He was later evicted.

Prince Narula Vs Rishabh Sinha (Season 9)

"Splitsvilla" contestant Rishabh Sinha was a wild card entry and under the name of a task, made actress Kishwer Merchant go down on her all fours and sit like a dog for three hours! This unfair behaviour irked Prince Narula, leading to a major showdown.

Kishwer Merchant Vs Rishabh Sinha (Season 9)

After Rishabh made Kishwer Merchant do the dog task for nearly three hours, she decided to seek revenge by spitting in Rishabh's drink.

Mandana Karimi Vs Kishwer Merchant (Season 9)

The two were at loggerheads, specially when Mandana kicked Kishwer in the guts during a task. Kishwer was in no mood to take the incident lightly and even threatened to quit the show. In her defence, Mandana said she did it to protect herself.

Bani J Vs Swami Om (Season 10)

Swami Om urinated in a mug and then threw the urine at Bani J and Rohan Mehra. His distasteful act triggered a storm inside the house. It got so nasty that Bani and Rohan almost hit Swami Om.

Shilpa Shinde Vs Vikas Gupta (Season 11)

They started fighting from day one of the show. The two were seen constantly having verbal spats all through their stay in the house. Shilpa irked Vikas so much that she drove him to tears.

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