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Avengers Endgame Directors Wanted Thanos to Hack Captain America's Head

Avengers Endgame Directors Wanted Thanos to Hack Captain America's Head

During an interaction at the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con, Russo Brothers explained why they cut off a major plot point from the film, which involved Captain America and Thanos.

The frenzy surrounding Avengers: Endgame had barely subsided when San Diego Comic-Con International gathering happened in California during the weekend. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced several highly anticipated projects, leading up to the makers of Endgame taking the stage to clarify fan theories and queries which have bothered cinema aficionados for long.

During the gathering, the Russo Brothers explained why a major plot twist involving Captain America and Thanos was taken off the script. Reportedly, the scene involved Thanos (Josh Brolin) cutting of Captain America's (Chris Evans) head and throwing it at the feet of the Avengers.

As Joe and Anthony Russo explained, Captain America was one to make sacrifices. So they wanted to be sure to go against the grain and keep him alive throughout the duration of the film.

Anthony said (via, "We clung to that story line for so long just for that moment of Thanos walking through a portal and dropping Captain America’s severed head."

The directors also dismissed the idea that the Thanos-Captain America twist would have been too dark. Regarding this, Anthony pointed out, “Thanos is a rough dude.”

On the box office front, Avengers: Endgame has surpassed James Cameron's Avatar as the highest grossing film in the history of cinema. On the occasion Anthony, Joe and James exchanged pleasantries over social media. While James shared an Avatar-inspired artwork to mark Endgame's historic achievement, Russo brothers responded by sharing a meme which implied that they were James' biggest fans.

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