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Badrinath Ki Dulhania Review: Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan-starrer Is an Out and Out 'Paisa Wasool' Film

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Will the film manage to tickle your funny bone and keep you engaged? Kriti Tulsiani from News18.com is inside the theater to find out.

Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan made their Bollywood debut in 2012 with Karan Johar's Student Of the Year and ever since then, the two have continued to woo the audience with their chemistry - both onscreen and offscreen. They next shared screen space in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and wowed the viewers, in particular the millennials, with their effortless charm and camaraderie.

Badrinath Ki Dulhania, second film in the franchise, promises to be equally entertaining as the first one. Starring Varun as Badrinath Bansal and Alia as Vaidehi Trivedi, the trailer looks like it's a modern yet desi take on weddings. Whether it'll be any different from the previous one - remains to be seen.

The one thing about Humpty that left the audience in splits was the perfect comic timing of the supporting cast and it'll be interesting to see how the new cast pulls it off in this Shashank Khaitan's directorial. The film also features Gauahar Khan, Shweta Basu Prasad in pivotal roles.

Will Alia and Varun's characters have the same quirks as in the first installment? Will Alia-Varun's chemistry reprise their tag of the most-adorable couple in Bollywood? Will the film manage to tickle your funny bone and keep you engaged? Kriti Tulsiani from News18.com is inside the theater to find out.

9:27 AM: Will #BadrinathKiDulhania be as entertaining and engaging as its prequel #HumptySharmaKiDulhania? Let's find out!

9:37 AM: .@aliaa08 and @Varun_dvn are uniting onscreen after 3 years for #BadrinathKiDulhania in a sequel of sorts.

9:40 AM: Boy = Asset, Girl = Liability : #BadrinathKiDulhania opens with quite a humorous take on weddings and gender discrimination.

9:48 AM: Varun Dhawan plays a Jhansi boy Badri and Alia Bhatt a witty Kota girl Vaidehi. #BadrinathKiDulhania

9:51 AM: Iss desh ko sudhaarne ka vichaar hum bahut pehle tyaag chuke hai: @aliaa08 as Vaidehi has a pretty smart mouth! #BadrinathKiDulhania

9:54 AM: "Choti waali Kranti hai, Hume shanti chaiye": 10 minutes into #BadrinathKiDulhania and the dialogues are already winning!

9:57 AM: Humse koi chidd jaaye, aisa toh ho nahi sakta: @Varun_dvn as the affable Badri is turning out quite a charmer. #BadrinathKiDulhania

10:13 AM: .@Sahilwalavaid as Somdev is nailing the typical dost act! Probably giving words to "Tu Bhai Hai Na Mera" adage. #BadrinathKiDulhania

10:28 AM: Interesting to see how a topic as serious as dowry has been treated in such a light-hearted way. So impactful it is! #BadrinathKiDulhania

10:32 AM: The background score is a big big thumbs up. Setting just the right mood. #BadrinathKiDulhania

10:35 AM: The last franchise had @aliaa08 aspiring to get married in a designer lehenga but #BadrinathKiDulhania sees her longing for much more!

10:35 AM: It's half time. Not even a single dull moment so far! #BadrinathKiDulhania

10:37 AM: The first half will have you constantly smiling. Plot builds up in its own quirky way and maintains the pace well. #BadrinathKiDulhania"

10:39 AM: The hall erupts in laughter, each laugh louder than the previous one, everytime @Sahilwalavaid comes on screen. #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:03 AM: Laughed with @aliaa08 and @Varun_dvn in the first half, the second is making us feel their pain and angst. #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:09 AM: Much of the strength lies in dialogues. Just the perfect desi tadka to some very significant messages here. #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:12 AM: You'll probably feel and fall for Badri! A broken heart is making @Varun_dvn earn some brownie points. #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:14 AM: The magic of chuckles in between grave conversations. Wow! #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:22 AM: You'll have to give it to the supporting cast for weaving the narrative with such ease. #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:24 AM: Remember Gaurav Pandey as Shaunty taking jibes at and punches for Humpty? The man is back in action! #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:33 AM: Sab apne passport mei bhondu lagte hai: @Varun_dvn spells out life's tragic reality in one linee! #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:38 AM:#BadrinathKiDulhania oozes out a similar vibe as #Humpty. Parallels can be drawn despite the two being set in different locations.

11:40 AM: Shashank Khaitan's understanding of modern day relationships is like a job well done. #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:46 AM: How can one not groove to Tamma Tamma Again. Like how? #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:51 AM: The dialect is often wavering but it's a flaw too minor to be taken into consideration. #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:55 AM: How effortless are these two together! @aliaa08 and @Varun_dvn have a comfort that's hard to resist. #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:56 AM: Not very often does a film take you along and keep you intrigued till the very end. #BadrinathKiDulhania is one such work!

11:57 AM: It's an out and out 'paisa vasool' film! It entertains as much as it teaches. #BadrinathKiDulhania

11:58 AM: It does get a few things wrong but then that is more like - to each their own. #BadrinathKiDulhania

12:00 PM: Questioning the stereotypical patriarch society in an easy breezy tone makes #BadrinathKiDulhania an important film.

12:02 PM: Good thing is #BadrinathKiDulhania isn't preachy. More like an entertaining ride with significant undertones.

12:05 PM: You know how it ends but you'll still want to live it. A special word for http://chutkimeishaadi.com . #BadrinathKiDulhania

12:07 PM: Make your Holi weekend a tad bit more colourful and go for this one. #BadrinathKiDulhania

12:08 PM: Thanks for staying with us throughout the tweet review of #BadrinathKiDulhania. Stay tuned for more movie updates.

first published:March 10, 2017, 09:41 IST