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Bala to Slow Motion: Here are Songs with Unusual Lyrics That Made Heads Turn in 2019

Bala to Slow Motion: Here are Songs with Unusual Lyrics That Made Heads Turn in 2019

Here's a list of Bollywood songs in the year 2019 which made us lose faith in Bollywood songs. Some of us have still not recovered completely.

It’s probably not the best time for original composers in Bollywood as the Hindi film industry is witnessing an invasion of remixes and mix-matched songs. As a result, bizarre lyrics and unusual tunes have taken the spotlight.

Here’s a list of such songs that didn’t make much sense to the audience yet they danced on it:

Tu Laung Main Elaichi, Lukka Chuppi

Laung and Lachi literally translate to Cloves and Cardamom and who on earth professes their loves by referring to themselves as spices? Food lovers, maybe?

For the unversed, the song is a Hindi remake of the Punjabi track Laung Laachi by Punjabi singer Mannat Noor. In Punjabi, Laung means the Nose Pin and Laachi means the screw behind the Pin. Looking closer at the lyrics, it says 'tere piche gwachi' which means I got lost because of you. However, Lukka Chuppi’s version goes like 'Ve tu laung main elaachi, Tere pichhe haanji haanji.' This one is an example of how meanings can get lost in translation.

Coca Cola Tu, Lukka Chuppi

What else are the girls than being referred to as a thirst quencher that’s meant to be gulped down. And if you wish to continue to listen to it, let’s caution you that a line in the song goes, “Bikini pehen ke aayi, zara na sharmai, aaj raat ko pakka tootegi charpai.”

What an adorable compliment! This one again, is a remix of Tony Kakkar’s song by the same name.

The Hook-Up Song, Student Of The Year 2

The song was probably a single songwriter’s unfulfilled wish! The title itself promotes hook-up culture, and the song goes like, “Le Le Le Le number mera, baad me message mujhko kardena, khud ko samajh ke lucky mujhse hook-up tu kar lena.”

Surely sounds like a personal attack on the current generation’s dating scenario.

Bala Bala, Housefull 4

If the composers were not willing to invest in original score, they could have done a better work on the lyrics. The 3-minute-45-second song probably has just three lines in total. To the lyricist, you had one job man!

Ek Chumma, Housefull 4

It's 2019 and we still think ‘Gundo Se Chudana’ will earn anyone a kiss! Literally, the song asks the girl not to be mad and abuse (with a kissing noise in the background). Housefull 4 has been a disappointment on more than one level.

The Bhoot Song, Housefull 4

Here’s another one from Housefull 4. Nawazzudin stars as a special appearance in the song, and we don’t know how he agreed on this one. And if they thought randomly adding Alia Bhatt’s name will make it sound hilarious, well, it was plain cringe.

Slow Motion, Bharat

Truth be told, the song drew a lot of attention but then, so did Dhinkchak Pooja. The Hinglish lyrics are a sure shot torture and makes you ponder on current scenario of Bollywood songs. A line in the song goes, “Ring leke bade wali ek din, tujhe maine kar lena hain win, fir shaadi hogi, babies honge, badlengey hum napkin.”

Honestly, I wrote better poems at the age of 10.

Macchardani, Jabariya Jodi

The composer is probably an avid social media user and wanted to express it all with one song since it goes like, “Pin password saare, tujhko bataunga, teri lagaunga DP.” And then it takes a sharp turn and starts talking about how mosquitos get caught in the net!

Pyscho Saiyaan, Saaho

This one starts like “Tera main tera main tera main, dumma dumma dum main,” and you know what to expect from the song: absolutely nothing. The track then has some more soulful words such as, “Chal tujhe leke chalu chai ko,” “Leke aaja tere bhai ko,” and we wonder why you would create a song out of normal conversations.

Dilaade Ghar Chandigarh Me, Good Newwz

Karan Johar enters in the song and says, “Oh my god, this is original?”

Let’s put aside the fact that the four lead actors are dancing around in flashy clothes in a flamboyant set over a song which just says, “Diladu ghar Chandigarh mein.” We really want to ask whose idea was to write, “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, baby come, baby go.”

What did we do to deserve such soul-stirring lyrics?

Yun Karke, Dabangg 4

There are lyricist who put their heart and soul into creating meaningful creations. And then there are songs which scream of laziness and go like “Yun karke.” While we are still stuck on sarees, blouses and female belly buttons, we don’t know how Sallu bhai gets “Hairaan, pareshaan” if a girl is being shy.

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