Bigg Boss 11: Twitter Seems Convinced With Hina Khan Being Termed 'Mohalle Ki Aunty' On The Show

Image Courtesy: Colors

Image Courtesy: Colors

With just a week left to the grand finale, some of the gharwale find their patience waning and start lashing out at each other.

In one of the biggest surprise visits of the season, the gharwale find themselves in the midst of media personnel at a press conference held inside the Bigg Boss House. Thinking that Shilpa Shinde has an upper hand in the game, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani have started ganging up against her. On Monday's episode, Hygiene conscious Hina accuses Shilpa of not maintaining cleanliness in the house, as Vikas adds fuel to the fire by blaming her mentality for it. Standing up for herself, Shilpa takes a stand and refuses to cook for the two of them; as Hina and Vikas comment that Shilpa is showing her true colors only as the season comes to a close.

As the contestants move into the activity area, they are greeted by the Press who have been waiting to interrogate and cross-question their actions.As Puneesh’s loyalty towards his allies in the house is questioned by the media, he tries his best to prove that his friendship is, in fact, true and real. As the press conference continues, it is clear that Hina, Akash and Vikas are on one side, while Puneesh and Shilpa are on the other. In one of the videos, shared by Colors on Twitter, Hina is questioned over her comments on Bandagi Kalra. When Bandagi was on the show, Hina was often seen discussing her romance with Puneesh on national TV.

Meanwhile, Shilpa clears her stance on being the ‘Maa’ of the house; as Hina comments on Shilpa’s strategy of running the kitchen. Puneesh jumps to Shilpa’s rescue and compares her to the ‘Typical Indian Housewife’ who despite doing all the hard work is made to feel like no work has been accomplished. After an intense round of interrogation, each contestant leaves displaying a different emotion.

Soon after the episode aired, BB lovers took to Twitter to express their views. Here's what they tweeted:

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