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Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma Calls Divyank Fans 'Bakwaas' After Getting Exposed by Ex Divya Agarwal

Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma Calls Divyank Fans 'Bakwaas' After Getting Exposed by Ex Divya Agarwal

Priyank Sharma’s closeness to co-contestant Benafsha Soonawalla on the Bigg Boss 11 had not gone down well with Divya Agarwal.

On Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss we witnessed something very shocking when Divya Agarwal entered the house to meet Priyank Sharma as a part of a luxury budget task. Upset over their failed relationship, Divya, who met Priyank on Splitsvilla 10 and developed connection, gave him an earful and advised him to not get influenced by other housemates, while he remained frozen. She was even heard saying that Priyank has hurt so many people with his gesture inside the house and that’s why she has decided to part ways with him. “You have lost your mind completely. You should start listening to Vikas. He is your only true friend in the house. You have ruined everything. Everyone has started calling us fake. I don't know about you but at least it wasn't fake from my side,” Divya added.

Upon ‘Release’, Priyank ran towards the door to catch her glimpse but unfortunately, they could not meet. The gharwalas then started questioning Divya’s identity as they seemed a bit confused. While Hina Khan said she thought Divya was Priyank’s some other ex, who currently lives in the US, Vikas ignored him, saying it's his new drama. "He does this drama in every reality show," Vikas added.

When Hina asked Priyank about the whole thing, he told her, "I had a few (Bigg Boss) interviews before coming to on this show. I was dating Divya." To which Hina said, "But you yesterday only told me that it was fake and it was for the show." Priyank then said, "No, we broke up then and there. Before I came on this show we had an argument so we decided that we're breaking up. It got over."

Hina then advised Priyank that he should stick to one person in life.

Later, in a clip "It's Vikas Vs Priyank" on Voot, Priyank was seen telling Vikas that Benafsha Soonawalla was just his friend and there was nothing between them. To which Vikas said, "Tum achhe dost ka definition apne dimaag mein daal lo. Tumhari harkatein toh nahi hoti naa (dost) waisi. You should understand that there must be something which is giving people a reason to talk about you this way."

Vikas further said he should not be worrying about his social media fans as they will come and go. "Don't think about Instagram. What was she (Divya) talking about Divyank fans??"

To which Priyanka replied, "Bakwaas. Fark nahi padta hai."

Priyank might be claiming that he had broken up with Divya even before entering the house but when he was thrown out of the show after hitting Akash Dadlani, he had confessed in an interview with IndianWiki Media that he was still committed to Divya at the time.

first published:December 08, 2017, 08:02 IST