Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta's Brother Siddharth On Allegations That He Paid Fans, Differences With Priyank & More

Image Courtesy: Instagram/siddharthhgupta

Image Courtesy: Instagram/siddharthhgupta

Vikas entered the show as a celebrity contestant and formed an alliance with now-evicted contestants Arshi Khan and Hiten Tejwani.

Shrishti Negi
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  • Last Updated: January 7, 2018, 4:02 PM IST
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Vikas Gupta may not have been a known face before participating on Bigg Boss but the show has now earned him a huge fan base all over the country. From his intense fights with Shilpa Shinde to his repetitive emotional breakdowns on the popular reality show, the journey of Vikas, who is known as the mastermind of Bigg Boss 11, has been full of ups and downs. Vikas entered the show as a celebrity contestant and formed an alliance with now-evicted contestants Arshi Khan and Hiten Tejwani.

The show, which has come close to the finale, is leaving no stone unturned in delivering unlimited entertainment. After a shocking nomination task which happened earlier this week, Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas and Luv Tyagi got nominated. The makers then decided to give the audience a chance to save their favourite contestant via Live voting and revealed that Vikas, Hina, Luv and Shilpa would travel to a mall for Live vote appeal.

On Thursday's episode, the four stepped out of the house to meet their fans at a mall in Vashi, Mumbai. The event saw thousands of over-enthusiastic fans gather in support, holding banners and placards of their favourite contestant. However, soon after the activity got over, a tweet from @RochelleFanClub caught everyone's attention.

It claimed that Vikas' brother allegedly "offered money to 25-25 students to cheer for Vikas at the mall." The user then requested Colors and Bigg Boss team "to look into this matter and take necessary action."

When News18 contacted Siddharth, he revealed, "There are some fans who cooked up this story. The funny thing is that they are saying that I went with two AC buses and gave 5K per head to students and it's really funny because I'm in Dubai. And the way they have portrayed the story that strict action should be taken against us, it sounds so genuine. That's why I reacted to it as I felt it was a little way too much. I have not paid a single penny to any PR. There's no online PR for Vikas. People have approached me but I didn't see the point because first of all he was not getting nominated only."

Vikas' friendship with recently eliminated participant Priyank Sharma has also been one of the biggest highlights of his BB journey. Their equation often made headlines during Priyank's stay inside the house. Earlier, Siddharth had slammed Priyank in an open letter for making personal attacks on Vikas during the BB Lab task.

When asked about his current equation with the Splitsvilla hearththrob, now that he's out, Siddharth said, "I never spoke badly about him. I just put out a note where I said that I'm extremely disappointed which I still am. And that is for the reason because he was really close to me and Vikas has really mentored him and gone out of his way for that boy. And I have always taken his back with Vikas and I have always told him that this guy is really genuine and all and which I still believe. But the way he went inside and flipped after coming back, for a while, I thought it was for the game maybe. But it went on for too long.

"There were too many clips on Voot where I saw him bitching and saying a lot of things about the family. I was extremely disheartened. So, I did put out the statement where I said that 'I'm not asking to be thankful to Vikas but just don't be thankless.' And maybe that's what he read and he unfollowed me. I was still following him because I didn't have anything personal against him. I was just disappointed which I still am to be very honest."

Priyank, who was mostly seen hanging out with Hina and Luv, buried the hatchet with Vikas soon after Hiten's eviction from the house. However, Siddharth said, "See If you're good for five days, I'm not going to forget the rest last two-three months. My family is extremely unhappy because he has been around us for the longest time."

"Yeah in the last few days he was okay with Vikas but Vikas has not seen what has happened. Once he comes out he will see everything. If you're a changed person today, that's fine, but whatever happened inside according to my sensibilities, it was just not going right and I will stand by that."

Interestingly, apart from Vikas, Siddharth said he sees Shilpa in the grand finale as "she has portrayed herself so well and people have believed her."

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