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Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: Romil Feels Dejected After 'Happy Club' Members Go Against Him

Image courtesy: Colors TV

Image courtesy: Colors TV

Romil felt dejected as he was nominated by the ‘happy club' members.

  • Last Updated: December 2, 2018, 6:01 PM IST
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Willpower and confidence help a person in achieving their set milestones with ease. However, it's all different when it comes to the Bigg Boss house. Keeping in mind the Saturday episode, Salman Khan raised a lot of concerns on the behaviour of contestants in the week gone by. Having said that, the contestants needed to get back into the game with an open mind.

The wheel of 'Misfortune' turned everything upside down. Kedarnath cast Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput came to spice things up and brought a wheel of change along with them. A task that would become definitive of people and their characters. Sara and Sushant asked the contestants to assign names to the given adjectives. The contestants with the maximum vote would need to be tied-up on the wheel that will be rotated and the other housemates would get a chance to throw water balloons at them. ‘Ghar ka sabse bada aafat’ was given to Surbhi, ‘the most insecure in the house’ was given to Jasleen and many other titles that were given increased the pressure on the house-mates. Romil felt dejected as he was nominated as the ‘ehsan faramosh’ housemate by the ‘happy club' members. Not taking it lightly, Romil made it a point to tell Deepak that he was unhappy and that he was playing a bad game.

Animals or human beings, Salman Khan addresses this concern. This house is like a Zoo and one person will have to leave the zoo soon. To spice things up more, Salman Khan gave a task to the contestants where he mentioned the characteristics of various animals and asked the contestants to name the person with those qualities. And, the particular person would need wear the cut out of that animal on their head. Rohit was labeled as the snake, Deepak a vulture, Jasleen a donkey, Romil a wolf and so on.

This time Rohit and Romil were nominated for the Sultani Akhada and their fight left Salman laughing uncontrollably. But after all the fun and games, who all will have a narrow escape from the elimination?

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