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Bigg Boss 13 Day 110 Written Updates: Rashami, Sidharth Get Emotional Seeing Their Families

Bigg Boss 13 Day 110 Written Updates: Rashami, Sidharth Get Emotional Seeing Their Families

Bigg Boss invited the housemates' family members and all are left in tears meeting their loved ones after four months.

  • Last Updated: January 18, 2020, 12:13 PM IST
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Bigg Boss 13 contestants reunited with their family members after four months. While some got subtle warnings, others got some serious advice. For the second round of the task, the buzzer rings and Sidharth's mother walks in. She hugs Sidharth and bursts into tears. He gets her to meet everyone and introduces each of the housemates with a unique prefix. When Sidharth comes to Rashami, she tells her mother that they both take care of each other putting aside all the needs.

Sidharth’s mother says that she is extremely proud that his son is doing great on the show. She advises him to continue entertaining everyone with his funny side as it is being loved by the audience. Just like every mother, she also tells him to not stress and further jokes and tells him to get rid of the shorts and start wearing full clothes. Next, it was Paras’ turn. He is extremely happy to see her and ushers her inside the house. After meeting everyone, she insists on having a word with him in private. Without mincing words, she tells him that she is very unhappy with the way he is portraying himself and playing inside the house currently and she also tells him that he is playing on a backfoot. She asks him to stop being a godfather to other contestants as he is losing track of his own game in the bargain. Paras’ mother warns him to maintain a distance with Mahira and reiterates the fact that she is not comfortable with their closeness. She tells him to take the decisions wisely or else he might have to regret later.

Soon the next doorbell rings and Bhavya and Swastik, Rashami’s niece and nephew enter the house. Rashami, too, gives up her captaincy and runs towards them. The housemates are also quite happy to see the kids. They motivate Rashami and asks her to stay strong and not cry. Bhavya and Swastik ask Rashami to rekindle her friendship with Sidharth. The kids then ask Rashami and Sidharth to hug and make up.

Later in the day, a fight breaks out between Aarti and Vishal when Aarti says that he is not even ashamed of being punished. Vishal gets angry and tells her she has a habit of getting into other people’s fights. Aarti taunts him he always ribs and talks about walking out of the show.

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