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Bigg Boss 13: Housemates Used to Mock Asim and Tease Him of Trying to be John Cena, Recalls Himanshi

Himanshi Khurana (L), Asim Riaz

Himanshi Khurana (L), Asim Riaz

Himanshi recalled in an interview how 'Bigg Boss 13' contestants used to mock Asim Riaz for wanting to be like John Cena.

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Bigg Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz loves to stay fit and was caught on camera, exercising several times over the weeks. The fellow contestants used to mock and called him John Cena, for exercising religiously.

On Monday, February 10, American wrestler John Cena posted a picture on Instagram, expressing that he wants Asim Riaz to win Bigg Boss.

In the picture, Asim is sitting on a chair and a big poster on the table in front of him says, “Asim Riaz for the win, change my mind.”

Himanshi Khurana, who got evicted from the BB house sometime back, liked the picture. Talking about it to The Times of India, she said, “I remember few housemates used to mock Asim and tease him of trying to be John Cena," adding that now when they leave the house and get to know that John Cena has himself posted pictures of Asim on his account, "It will be a tight slap on their faces."

Talking about how Asim’s fitness journey has taken him to places, she told the daily about how proud she is of the fitness-freak.

“I am very happy for him and super proud. When I got evicted from the show, they (contestants) started teasing Asim and taunting him that he was behind me and I left him. When I went inside (Bigg Boss house), I said loudly that I have come inside for Asim.” Himanshi said.

This is not the first time that John Cena posted an image of Asim. Earlier too he had posted a solo portrait of the Bigg Boss 13 contestant on his Instagram.

Bigg Boss 13 is going to have its finale episode this weekend.

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