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Bigg Boss 13: Samir Soni Hopes Arti Singh Wins and Not Sidharth Shukla

(L to R) Arti Singh, Samir Soni and Sidharth Shukla

(L to R) Arti Singh, Samir Soni and Sidharth Shukla

Former 'Bigg Boss 4' contestant Samir Soni recently opened up on social media hoping that Arti Singh wins instead of popular contestant Sidharth Shukla and also called out his violence against other cast members, especially women.

  • IANS
  • Last Updated: February 12, 2020, 7:44 AM IST
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Actor Samir Soni, a former "Bigg Boss" contestant, says no show or game can be above "decency and class". He cites that as the reason why he hopes actress Arti Singh wins "Bigg Boss 13" and not Sidharth Shukla, who is considered favourite by many.

With a few days to go for the finale, Samir took to social media to post a sweet photo of him and Arti, who is currently locked in the "Bigg Boss" house.

He captioned it: "Last week of #BiggBoss13 and I hope my sister @artisingh5 wins. I hate to say this, but it would be setting a TERRIBLE precedence if Sidharth wins. No show/game, can be above decency and class. In fact, the show is a test of maintaining your sanity and dignity in-spite of the provocations. If I had behaved, like he abused Arti, my own mother would have slapped me and taken me out of the show. #RespectWomen."

"I'm sorry I'm singling out Sid and I don't know who deserves the most, but I'm against anyone who behaves this way," wrote Samir.

Sharing his own experience in the controversial reality show, he wrote: "I spent over hundred days in season 4 and there were hardly any abuses or physical aggression, it's not that we didn't feel like it, we just knew how to conduct ourselves on national TV. I sometimes wonder how many girls would be ok to be abused by their boyfriends or told to F-off just because he was upset (right or wrong). Sorry not the way I was raised."

Actress Delnaaz Irani, also a former "Bigg Boss" contestant, commented on his post saying: "I so agree with you. It's a mad house agreed but people should be sane, calm and cool. That's the beauty. We have gone through this but sadly does being NICE sell....NO."

The current season has seen contestants verbally abusing each other, beating up someone with a pan, throwing water at each other and acting in violent ways.

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