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Bigg Boss 13: Why is Shehnaz Gill So Scared of Himanshi Khurana?

Bigg Boss 13: Why is Shehnaz Gill So Scared of Himanshi Khurana?

It seems Himanshi Khurana's entry in Bigg Boss 13 has completely ruined Shehnaz's plans. No wonder Shehnaz wants to leave the house.

Bigg Boss 13 saw its mid-season finale this weekend while welcoming a few new faces and bidding goodbye to a few old ones. Among the new contestants, Himanshi Khurana’s entry in the house has somehow changed the game.

Himanshi Khurrana and Shehnaz Gill are both associated with Punjabi cinema. They are also said to be bitter rivals.

Earlier this year, Himanshi’s track I like you was released and Shehnaz allegedly made fun of the song. It did not end there as Shehnaz went ahead and body shamed Himanshi and also abused the latter’s parents in a live video with her friends. Now, that the reality show has brought them face to face, fans are expecting some fireworks inside the house.

Since the beginning of the show, Shehnaz has been a very strong contestant in the house. She has found great friends in Arti Singh, Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. The former had been impressing audiences with her bubbly temperament. She had been also enjoying host Salman Khan’s support on every Weekend Ka Vaar episode. But, the events have taken an ugly turn for the actress post Himanshi’s entry on the show.

In a recent episode, when Himanshi opened up to Arti, Asim and Shefali about her big fight with Shehnaz, they seemed shocked and are now maintaining a distance from Shehnaz.

Shehnaz told Himanshi , "Teri maa bhaj gayi si na kisi naal, tera baap tenu chadd ke chala gaya si na (your mother eloped with someone, your father also left you)."

However, it looks like Shehnaz was very much aware about Himanshi's tactics. Probably that's why she wants to leave the house now.

Now a days, Shehnaz is constantly breaking down with the fear of her getting exposed and her image formed over a month's time getting ruined on the show.  She was also heard saying, "Bigg Boss mera naam kharab karna chahte hai isiliye toh isko bulaya hai."

Meanwhile, Shehnaz has left Siddharth, Arti and Asim’s group and is now seen with Paras.

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