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Bigg Boss 13 Winner Prediction: Hold on Sidharth-Asim, There's Shehnaaz-Rashami

(Clockwise) Shehnaz-Sidharth-Asim-Rashami

(Clockwise) Shehnaz-Sidharth-Asim-Rashami

While the chances of each contestant inside the 'Bigg Boss 13' house winning the reality show remain high, we take a look at top four contestants-- Rashami Desai, Shehnaaz Gill, Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla-- and their journeys inside the Bigg Boss house.

114 days inside the Bigg Boss 13 house have been gruelling. As the show nears its finale, 9 contestants, namely-- Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Gill, Asim Riaz, Mahira Sharma, Arti Singh, Paras Chhabra and two wild card contestants Vishal Aditya Singh and Shefali Jariwala have been caged up inside for over four months now, and after Bigg Boss has already got a 5 weeks extension, it is said to have its finale on February 15. The reality show was originally slated to end in January.

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This season, Sidharth, Asim, Rashami and Shehnaaz have emerged as the most popular and talked about contestants on the show, thanks to their daily dose of drama and high voltage fights in the house. Sidharth and Asim, who started the show on a friendly note and stood by each others' side in the beginning, have turned foes and not a day goes by when they do not engage in abusive and violent fights, taking away the limelight from other contestants.

In between their chaos, the only two contestants who managed to carve out their space and become the audience's favourite were Rashami and Shehnaaz.

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Rashami, who was away from the show for a few days and then later came back as wild card entry, enjoys a huge fan base. Her growth graph in the show has had its share of ups and downs, depending on her association with co-contestants, especially Sidharth and Asim. Her relationship with boyfriend and Bigg Boss 13 housemate Arhaan Khan became a talking point and the actress surely banked in on his stint inside. If you look at it, fights aside, she has been a step ahead of the boys in all affairs-- tasks, drama and fan voting.

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On the other hand, Shehnaaz, in association with Sidharth and Asim and without them, has also made a space for herself in the hearts of fans. Her bubbly charm makes her the go-to girl inside the house. Her acting skills have entertained watchers inside and outside and contrary to allegations she has never really been in anyone's shadow. She has also been the guests favourite. Recently, Kartik Aaryan posted a picture, impressed by Shehnaaz.

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For every Sidharth and Asim bonding and fighting moments, there have been individual moments of Shehnaaz and Rashami and combined they may take them down. For instance, in the case of Rashami, she made headlines for her equation with Sidharth, her controversial relationship with Arhaan, her fight with Shehnaz and a facture post that, her bonding with housemate Devoleena Bhhatacharjee and many more.

On the other hand, Shehnaaz was in news for her on and off friendship with Paras, her arguments with Mahira, her bonding and gelling up with celebrity guests coming to the house, her adorable moments with Sidharth-- SidNaz and her funny English among many others.

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Turns out, now when Sidharth and Asim are no longer friends and the show is just four weeks away from its finale, things are not going to a be a cakewalk for them. With the tense atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss 13 house, there are great chances of Shehnaaz and Rashami to finally emerge on top. Chances of them winning appear more if they were to naturally bond as they have occasionally.

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Meanwhile, a clip from the latest episode reveals Asim and Sidharth going at each other. Videos suggest that Sidharth and Asim have spoken about each other's families once again and Sidharth has even asked Bigg Boss to let him leave the house. Watch video below:

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