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Bigg Boss 13 Day 132 Written Updates: Sidharth Recalls How Shehnaaz Used to Miss Him

Bigg Boss 13 Day 132 Written Updates: Sidharth Recalls How Shehnaaz Used to Miss Him

When Sidharth was kept in secret room undergoing treatment his good friend in the 'Bigg Boss 13' house Shehnaaz used to missed him.

  • Last Updated: February 9, 2020, 12:21 PM IST
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As Bigg Boss housemates are prepping up for the final lapse of the show, Shehnaaz and Arti share why they are upset with Sidharth. In fact, Shehnaaz totally stops talking to Sidharth after the immunity task. Shehnaaz and Sidharth share a very strong bond but when it comes to strategies and games, they are in two different minds and have different opinions. Meanwhile, Asim is having a laugh seeing Shehnaaz and Sidharth fight over saving Paras for immunity.

The next day, Shilpa Shetty enters the house with a cleansing wiper and informs that she is here to cleanse the contestants from the inside. She gets yoga mats for them and begins the cleansing process by telling them to find inner peace by doing asanas. Shilpa makes them do the ‘Kapalbhati’ first and tells them that it's the thumb rule for inner cleansing. Later, she brings a twist and gives them couple yoga asanas. Shehnaz- Sidharth, Paras -Mahira and Rashami- Asim are paired together. Aarti joins Rashami and Asim forcefully. The three of them successfully perform the yoga poses better than the others.

Shilpa Shetty who has represented the show internationally, religiously follows the show. She explains to the contestants on how this show is close to her heart and how she has garnered learnings and memories from this show. She then asks all the contestants to talk about their best and worst memories from the house. Shehnaaz says that her best memory was when her brother came and told her how popular she is. Paras, too, says that his best memory was when he entered this house the first day. Mahira breaks down in tears when she expresses how difficult it’s going to be to leave this house as they all are so attached to it. Arti counts her panic attacks as her worst moment. Rashami picks ill behaviour and wrong language as hers. Asim cherishes his and Sidharth’s friendships and recalls the day he won the ‘Akhada task’ and gave his winning medal to Sidharth, on the other hand Sidharth confesses his best moment was when Shehnaz missed him during his secret days period.

Shilpa cheers the housemates by asking them to give one thing as a gift to the contestant that they would want them to take back with them as their memory. The contestants bring some meaningful and special gifts the fellow contestants.

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