Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan Opens Up About His Trigger Points in the Show

Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan Opens Up About His Trigger Points in the Show

Actor Eijaz Khan, who is currently seen in the red zone in the Bigg Boss 14 house, revealed that he has physical and mental trigger points.


Nilofar Shaikh

Actor Eijaz Khan, who is currently seen in Bigg Boss 14, talked about his strategies, his trigger points and much more.

Eijaz said, “Participating in Bigg Boss during the pandemic is the wisest career decision one can make.”

He added, “I have worked really hard all my life and even in Bigg Boss that is what I will be doing. I know that I am not going to get anything easily in the show, so my strategy is to work hard.”

Talking about past seasons, he said, “I have not watched Bigg Boss much, but even if you have not watched you know everything about it, the show is that big. Season 13 is my favourite. It was also the longest, the most successful one. The contestants won everyone’s hearts, from Sidharth Shukla’s maturity to Asim Riaz’s fighter attitude.”

The actor even revealed his trigger points. “Recently I was diagnosed with typhoid and was bedridden for three months. I went into depression because of it. Also, my both shoulders are injured and doctor has advised me to take good care of it as he won’t be able to fix it anymore. So, I have physical and mental trigger points but cannot be made fun of.”

He also talked about superstar Salman Khan as the show host. “I think if I am going wrong in the show, it is his duty and right to guide me. And if I am doing good, I would like if he appreciates me. As much as I have watched the show, Salman bhai guides the contestants that this narrative is being shown outside. One has to try to understand that why is he saying something, it is because that is what is being shown outside. So if he is correcting that narrative then he is actually helping us."

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