Bigg Boss 14: Is Nikki Tamboli the Most Entertaining Contestant This Year?

Bigg Boss 14: Is Nikki Tamboli the Most Entertaining Contestant This Year?

The second contestant revealed by superstar Salman Khan during the Bigg Boss 14 premier night was South actress Niki Tamboli.


Nilofar Shaikh

Bigg Boss host Salman Khan has introduced the eleven contestants of the new season. The second contestant revealed by the superstar during the premier night was Southern actress Niki Tamboli.

Niki said, “I am going to put efforts in entertaining the viewers.”

“My strategy is that I am going to be myself. There is no point in making plans and going inside. My family and friends love me the way I am, so I am going to be myself. I am charming, bubbly, my reaction will be on-spot. If I feel like fighting I will fight, if I am angry I will show anger, if I want to express love I will do that, whatever I feel like I will do that.”

She added, “I am very honest, I stand for myself, my friends. I am very possessive about my friends, whoever will be my friend inside the house I will take stand for all of them. And even if someone, who is not my friend but has spoken truth or is right will take their stand as well. This public will like, they will understand that I have a clean heart and I am straight-forward, entertainer, all these qualities will take me ahead.”

Niki made her film debut with Adith Arun's 2019 Telugu movie Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu and was seen in prominent films like Kanchana 3 and Thippara Meesam.

“I feel proud that I come from South industry. People have already seen Hindi TV actors, even if they are popular I don’t care because I only care about myself. My south industry is fully supporting me. People sitting in South will watch Hindi Bigg Boss for me, I think it is great. Hindi TV actors might be popular but they also become image conscious, they try to be nice and sweet in Bigg Boss, they can’t take stand for themselves. Last year also there were image conscious TV actors. People don’t know me here, so it will be beneficial for me.”

She also revealed her favourite contestants of the show. “I have followed past seasons of Bigg Boss and Sidharth Shukla, Gauahar Khan are my favourite contestants.”

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