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Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli's Stylists on What Makes Her a Gen-Z Trendsetter

Nikki Tamboli

Nikki Tamboli

Nikki Tamboli stole our hearts with her trending bodycon outfits and beautiful gowns on her way to the finale week in 'Bigg Boss 14'. Her stylists open up on planning and executing the actress' various looks in the reality show.

With her impeccable fashion choices, Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli turned out to be the ultimate Gen-Z style icon. She has an enviable figure and was unafraid to put her bold foot forward on the reality show when it came to dressing up in body-hugging outfits or stylish gowns.

In an interaction, Team Taashvi that designed Nikki’s style profile on Bigg Boss, gets candid about collaborating with the actress and how her personal taste in outfits is reflected throughout the journey.

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“This is our first project together. We styled Paras Chabbra in the earlier season of Bigg Boss. Nikki liked our work and subsequently we came on board for her stint,” says Team Taashvi.

What did you guys plan in terms of Nikki’s styling in Bigg Boss? Could you pull everything off in this time period?

We knew a month in advance about Nikki’s entry in Bigg Boss. So there was enough time to figure everything out as far as the costumes go. After doing a couple of look tests with the actors, we get a sense of what they like and what suits them. Nikki wanted to wear a mix of Indian and Western outfits in the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes. She also liked some of the flowy dresses we picked. We could decode her personal taste and deliver.

Do you think Nikki’s sense of style reflected well in her Bigg Boss journey?

Nikki has a very nice figure. She knows how to flaunt herself. Whatever outfits we gave her looked good because she knows how to carry them properly. She likes to wear fitted clothes and all the bodycon dresses we had, complimented her body and personal style.

How many outfit choices did you send for Nikki in one week?

We used to send her fourteen outfits for one week. Apart from that, for a Weekend Ka Vaar episode, we used to give her four choices. That way, if there was a confusion at our end, it got sorted because our client had enough to pick from.

Please elaborate on Nikki’s night suits and loungewear garments

Nikki always kept changing her night suit styles. We experimented a lot on that front. When we wanted the sexy look, we gave her something in satin or shimmer. There were comfy and girly looking outfits in the mix as well. As far as nightwear goes, she has tried many styles.

Your top five style picks from Nikki’s Bigg Boss journey.

The golden gown on Nikki’s re-entry

The one shoulder yellow gown of Weekend Ka Vaar

The pink sequin saree with frills

The multi-color kurti with mirror work

The shimmery blue gown

Did you follow other contestants’ style journey on Bigg Boss as well? Whose fashion did you like most after Nikki?

A stylist should always know what the other person is wearing so that they know how to make their client look more impressive. So yes, we followed other contestants’ style profile as well. We really liked Jasmin Bhasin’s style a lot.

How different is it styling a celebrity for a show like Bigg Boss where there is no communication happening with the model?

We know of our client’s measurements beforehand. If there is a fitting problem, the various choices we give them can always come in handy. The contestants take one month of clothing with them at first. Later, we keep sending them more outfits as we have already figured out their style.

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first published:February 20, 2021, 08:07 IST