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Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik Stands up for Transgender Community, Raps Shehzad Deol for 'Derogatory' Term

BB 14 contestants

BB 14 contestants

Rubina Dilaik stood up for trans community on 'Bigg Boss 14' when Shehzad Deol used slang term as an abuse on Nishant Malkhani.

Bigg Boss 14’s farm task turned out to be exhilarating for the participating contestants. Nikki Tamboli presided over the latest immunity task as the overseer and the challenge resulted in granting immunity to Nishant Malkhani, Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Punia and Rahul Vaidya, who are now safe from elimination this week.

As a result of losing the immunity task, opposite teammates Jasmin Bhasin, Abhinav Shukla, Rubina Dilaik, Jaan Kumar Sanu and Shehzad Deol are nominated for eviction this week and will rely on public voting to remain in the BB 14 house.

As temper ran high in the latest immunity task, Shehzad and Nishant got into a verbal spat. Shehzad, whose team eventually lost the task, called Nishant a eunuch, in a derogatory manner. He even used slang words used against the tarns community as a way to put down Nishant.

However, this stance and usage of bad language from her own teammate did not stop Rubina from scolding Shehzad. As soon as Shehzad addressed Nishant with such words, Rubina clarified that such slang terms are not abuses and even demanded that Shehzad apologise to the entire trans community. Shehzad did so too.

This move by Rubina also earned praise from fans on social media. It is important to recall that Rubina has also played a trans person in her show Shakti: Astitve Ke Ehsaas Ki, and did not stand by her own team member when they seemed to hurt sentiments of an already marginalised community.

Here’s how fans reacted to Rubina’s stand during the latest task on BB 14.

BB 14 will see elimination on Weekend Ka Vaar when Salman Khan joins as host. Sara Gurpal has been evicted in the first week by the seniors.

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