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Bigg Boss 14: Why Nikki Tamboli is the Strongest Contestant of this Season

Nikki Tamboli

Nikki Tamboli

Actress Nikki Tamboli, who has managed to impress Hina Khan, Sidharth Shukla and Gauahar Khan, is the strongest and most popular Bigg Boss 14 contestant at the moment. Here is why.

Actress Nikki Tamboli, who has worked in South Indian cinema, is one of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss 14, and by the looks of her game, also the strongest. The actress within a week, has managed to impress Sidharth Shukla, Gauahar Khan and Hina Khan, who are not only the former Bigg Boss contestants, but also seasoned entertainers in the television industry. Host Salman Khan too is impressed as he made this evident during Weekend Ka Vaar.

What fans love the most about Nikki is her unscripted, real appeal. In a previous introduction with News18, Nikki had said, “My strategy is that I am going to be myself. There is no point in making plans and going inside. My family and friends love me the way I am, so I am going to be myself. I am charming, bubbly, my reaction will be on-spot. If I feel like fighting I will fight, if I am angry I will show anger, if I want to express love I will do that, whatever I feel like I will do that.”

Nikki is also winning hearts for her fearless attitude. The actress has picked many fights till now, which over 14 seasons, have been proven to be the number one strategy by the most popular contestants including Sidharth and Gauahar. Even when some of these contestants did not win the show like Hina, Dolly Bindra or Pooja Misra, they are still etched in our memories because of their epic fights. Seems like Nikki has taken that note seriously.


Recently, she was given the power to decide yhe number of personal items each contestants could keep for the week. She wasn’t shy to show whom she preferred and who rubbed her off the wrong way. She called Jaan Kumar Sanu “unimportant" and gave only one item to Rahul Vaidya. When Rahul mildly threatened her saying that when he is in power, he will remember what she did, she said “I’m not afraid of anyone’s gun."

Nikki has become the first confirmed contestant in Bigg Boss, and the fact that she used to be a relatively unknown face in comparison to a Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin, shows that she is in power at least for a while. Even in Bigg Boss 13 we had learnt how audiences formed their opinion about Sidharth from the first week itself. Hence, if the other contestants want to compete with Nikki, they need to buckle up.

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