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Bigg Boss 15 Day 14 Highlights: Salman Khan Scolds Miesha Iyer for Smoking, Slams Afsana Khan

Miesha Iyer, Afsana Khan

Miesha Iyer, Afsana Khan

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 15 started on a grim note and without waiting any time, Salman Khan started addressing the housemates one by one.

This Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 15 saw host Salman Khan heavily criticise the housemates, especially Afsaan Khan for her unruly behaviour and foul language. He also addressed the homophobic comments he made to Vishal Kotian and made her apologise to the housemates. The episode started on a grim note and without waiting any time, the Bollywood superstar dived straight to the point and started addressing the housemates one by one.

He reminded them that they are on national television and their families are watching them. He told the contestants that they are being way too violent and aggressive and this is something they are doing on their own and not what the show makers want from them. He said that Bigg Boss audience does not like fake entertainment at all.

He started off by asking Miesha Iyer not to smoke anywhere and everywhere as a smoke room is already provided to them. He said they have to edit out on a lot of content because she smokes right in front of the cameras while talking to other contestants. He also asked Ieshaan Sehgaal and Miesha to control their PDA in front of the camera. He said that if they ever part ways and get married to other people, this footage might crop up in the distant future and might make things difficult.

“What if you guys don’t get married and alag alag ghar me shadi hogyi toh iska kya asar padega socha hai kabhi," he said, addressing their kiss on the show. He further said, “Agar aap comfortable ho national television par then who are we to stop?”


Referring to Jay Bhanusali’s aggressive behaviour, he reminded him that he has a daughter who might watch this footage later in her life and form a bad impression of her father. He then talked about the housemates cussing each other. Pointing to the hypocrisy of the members, he said that when Jay used cuss words, all the housemates lashed out but when Miesha Iyer did the same, the reaction was not similar.

After coming down heavily on Pratik Sehajpal last week for his unruly behaviour, Salman lashed out at Afsana Khan this week. He referreded to several incidents that occurred in the last week including the singer calling Shamita Shetty ‘ghatyia aurat’ and age shaming her.

The actor lashed out and said, “Aap decide karengi ki ghatiya kaun hai?" In her defence, she said that she said it out of anger, however, her excuse did not sit well with the superstar.

“Aapki zubaan toh chalti hi hai, uske saath aapki haath bhi chalte hain!", he said pointing towards her violent tendencies.

Salman also said that she has a ‘set pattern’ of behaviour, to which Shamita and Jay agreed. The actress said that Afsana first blames people, uses dirty words, then cries, and then she hurt herself. Salman added that given a choice, he would eliminate her, for her own safety.

This week the nominated contestant are Donal Bisht, Akasa Singh, Vishal Kotian, Vidhi Pandya, Afsana Khan and Ieshaan Sehgaal.

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first published:October 17, 2021, 10:51 IST