Bigg Boss 4 Telugu: Celebrities who Entered the House as Wild Card Contestants

Nagarjuna Akkineni is hosting Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Nagarjuna Akkineni is hosting Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Telugu Bigg Boss 4 has been creating buzz since it went on air and now with the makers have announced the season’s first mid-week wild card entry.

One of the most watched reality shows on television, Bigg Boss has hooked audiences with its interesting twists and turns. Telugu Bigg Boss 4 has been creating buzz since it went on air and now with the makers announcing the season’s first mid-week wild card entry on September 17, the show is reaching new heights in popularity.

This is not the first time that wild card entrants are making headlines. In the preceding seasons, the introduction of wild card contestants resulted in exciting plot turns on the show.

Deeksha Panth was the very first wild card entry of Bigg Boss Telugu season 1 hosted by Jr. NTR. Though she was unable to reach the final round, Deeksha Panth managed to stay longer surviving close to four weeks.

One of the most entertaining wild card contestants so far, actor Navdeep was declared the third runner up of season one hosted by Jr NTR. He stepped into the house on the 29th day and impressed the viewers with his distinct style.

Ali Reza made a re-entry into the Bigg Boss house after getting eliminated. In his second innings, he made a lasting impact in Season 3. He garnered much love in his second stint and became one of the five finalists.

Pooja Ramachandran’s co-contestants felt threatened as remained in the house for long as a wild card entry. The talented actress proved her mettle within the first week becoming the captain of the house and performed all the physical tasks incredibly. She got eliminated from the show after nearly 5 weeks.

Nandini Rai stepped in as the first wild card contestant in the second season of BB Telugu hosted by Nani. She upped the glam quotient and developed a close connection with a few co-contestants. However, despite her best efforts, she was let go sooner for which she put the blame on Kaushal's online fan community.

Shilpa Chakraborty made a wild card entry in Bigg Boss Telugu 3. However she was shown the exit door after despite her accomplishing the physical task. She made an unexpected entry on day 43 and survived less than two weeks on the show

Tamanna Simhadri was not only the third season’s first wild card entry, she was the first transgender contestant in the Telugu series. She failed to garner love from the audience as she made personal attacks on her housemates. Her gameplay grossed flak which resulted in her quick eviction from the house.

Kumar Sai was the first wild card entry in Telugu Bigg Boss season 4 but was nominated for elimination on the very first day. Comedian and mimicry artist Avinash Kalla is another wild card entrant in the house. However, the fate of his stint is yet to be seen.

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