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Bigg Boss OTT Day 10 Highlights: Pratik Calls Raqesh 'Spineless', Divya Agarwal Has a Breakdown

Bigg Boss OTT Day 10

Bigg Boss OTT Day 10

Raqesh Bapat lost his cool and had a breakdown after Pratik Sehejpal continuously tagged him as 'spineless' on the 10th day of Bigg Boss OTT.

The OTT version of Bigg Boss is getting crazier by the day. It is the 10th day and the housemates are already at each other’s necks. The house also saw a bifurcation as the contestants divide them into groups. The day started with a heated argument between Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehejpal over the ‘Bata-Tata’ tag. However, when Neha talked to Divya Agarwal about the groupism issue, she asked Neha not to make her a part of any group and claimed that no other member spoke to her when she was alone the previous day. This led to a small fight between Neha and Divya, with the latter calling the former mean.

Divya later confronted Moose Jattana and Nishant Bhatt about whether they spoke ill about her and her friends, as it was claimed by Neha. The duo refuted these claims.

Bigg Boss called Boss Man Raqesh Bhatt inside the confession room where he reminded him that despite having some advantages as the captain, the rules of the house should always be followed. Bigg Boss said that some members of the house are flaunting the rules and it is the responsibility of the captain to investigate that.

When Raqesh informed the housemates about his conversation with Bigg Boss, it led to an argument between him and Pratik. They were seen fighting over household duties, as Raqesh lost his calm. Boss Lady Shamita Shetty, too, joined the fight. Later, Neha accused Akshara Singh of playing the sympathy card.


This time the Bigg Boss Panchayat task was to choose the weakest connection. Moose and Nishant, along with Raqesh and Shamita were asked to pick the weakest connection between Neha-Milind, Akshara-Pratik. All the connections tried to prove they are the strongest which led the chaos to escalate. Milind Gaba said they took a big risk by nominating Raqesh as the captain and Neha added that it is easy to convenience him. Milind then accused Raquesh of being sold out for favouring Nishant and Moose. He also mocked Moose by mimicking her Australian accent.

Pratik was continuously poking Raqesh on being spineless on national television. Raqesh lost it on him and later had a mental breakdown missing his father. However, after a series of breakdowns, the contestants were seen comforting each other. The day ended with Divya crying. Raqesh wanted her to take with Shamita but Shamita accused her of misbehaving with her. Nishant then consoled Divya who told him that she didn’t do anything host Karan Johar had accused her of doing earlier. She says she will leave the show if she is lying.

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first published:August 19, 2021, 12:36 IST