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Bigg Boss OTT: Millind Gaba Says He'd be Running Away from Toilet Duty, Will Help in Kitchen

Punjabi singer Millind Gaba is one of the participants in Bigg Boss OTT

Punjabi singer Millind Gaba is one of the participants in Bigg Boss OTT

Millind Gaba is one of the 13 faces to feature in Bigg Boss OTT, which premiered on Voot on August 8. He shares what to expect from him on the show.

Punjabi singer and songwriter Millind Gaba is embarking on a new journey. He is going to feature for the first time on a reality show and it so happens that his maiden stint on the small screen is with one of the most loved and controversial formats– Bigg Boss. With an OTT only version, the show has gone digital for the first six weeks and will set the stage for the new season that will air later on TV, with Salman Khan returning as host.

Meanwhile, filmmaker Karan Johar is watching over the Bigg Boss OTT house, going live on August 8 with 13 faces from various fields in the entertainment industry agreeing to participate. One of whom is Millind. Before going into the show, he shared his excitement on participation and tells us and his audience what to expect.

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What is going through your mind?

I have mixed feelings. I am both excited and nervous. It is for the first time that I am doing a reality show. I have not seen Bigg Boss earlier, just heard about it here and there. When BB starts, we are also touring and city hopping for shows. I know what the game is from the surface. I have a little idea how to play the game.

Are you going in with a strategy?

Nothing as such. I just want to be myself. I’ll show my real side and I think this will help people to relate with me. My nature is humble and funny and people will like me. Don’t think I’ll need to do anything extra.

What ticks you off about people?

I don’t like hypocrisy and double standards. I don’t need people in my life who act like wannabes. I don’t like unhygienic people. I like cleanliness and hope those around me are that way too.

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Things you’d like to do and not do in the BB OTT house

I’d be running away from toilet duty. I’ll stay away from that. I can help in the kitchen. I make amazing food so I think I’ll come in handy there.

How are you going to entertain us?

I’ll be sharing some of my unreleased songs with you all. I think it will be a treat for the viewers. There are some crazy tracks that I have written but did not release. I am also short tempered so if I get angry, it will be a surprise for the people. But I don’t think I’ll get physically aggressive with anyone. Verbal fights are fine. If Bigg Boss permits us to get physical, then maybe I’ll do that also (laughs). Please expect entertainment from my end. Also craziness, love and anger.

Your thoughts on staying away from the family for six weeks

It will not be easy for me at all. I have never been alone. When I do shows, my gang is always there with me. We party after the gigs and even eat together. I’m feeling lonely already. But I have taken up this challenge so I’ll try and live up to it.

What things will be easy for you in this journey?

People would love to talk to me because of my nature. I’ll be making some friends. Even fights will be easy for me (laughs). If anyone provokes me, they’ll have it good.

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Are you manipulative?

I’m not manipulative at all. I don’t mislead people. I’m not manipulated also but I let others say what they think of me. In the end, I decide what I want to do with people’s advice.

What are the chances you are doing well in the show?

Chances are very bright. I have 5 million Instagram followers and they will be watching me. They will get to see my personal and emotional side so I’m sure they will support me.

What are going to miss most from the outside?

I’m going to miss homemade food the most and other delicacies of Delhi like momos, shawarma, mutton and chole bhature.

Millind and YouTube sensation Harsh Beniwal’s sister Pria Beniwal go long back and their first picture on social media together appeared in 2018. Amid hush-hush romance rumours, we also asked Milind about her.

Any message for Pria Beniwal?

(Blushes) She was very excited and proud when she heard about my decision to join this show. She has always supported me.

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