Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 54: Inmates Get Busy With a New Task

Image: Twitter/Bigg Boss Tamil

Image: Twitter/Bigg Boss Tamil

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Bigg Boss Tamil episode 54 starts with the wake-up song, but everybody is too dull to even dance. Snehan tells Aarav that he’s not able to gel well with the new contestant. To this, he reacts by saying their culture, upbringing is different. Aarav says we should not show any sympathy or affection and not get close with anyone. Later, Snehan is upset with Raiza and he discusses the same with Bindhu.

The new contestant Suja speaks to the camera. She says consider me as your best friend and watch me always. Suja looks like copying Oviya here. Suja then is seen playing statue game with Raiza while the latter is cooking.

Later, Snehan tell Vaiyyapuri that he does not like seeing others faces that’s why he had his food late after everyone was finished having. He says all are hypocrites and they also discuss that Aarav not concerned about Oviya anymore.

During breakfast time, Vaiyyapuri gives a funny introduction about everyone. All the inmates have a good laugh.

The inmates are divided into 3 different teams for performing house tasks. Suja says she is ready to do any task. But Gayathri insists her to join in one team. She joins the cleaning team and does mopping and dusting. She cleans all the cameras. In mates laugh at her saying this is the first time somebody is doing it. She tells Vaiyyapuri that she is used to doing all these chores at her home.

Suja discusses with Snehan about her family background. Her father left their family as they were 3 daughters. At the age of 14 she joined films, following her elder sister’s death. She says in the beginning she was doing only item dance in the movies. She got a good role in the movie Milaga.

The inmates play a prank on Suja. The ladies tell her that according to Big Boss rules the contestants have to get angry one day a week. As a reward they get Luxury Budget points. Snehan and Bindhu act as if they are angry with each other. The housemates act as if they are divided into 2 teams with boys in one team and girls in the other.

Big Boss assigns task to the inmates. Suja is blindfolded, made to sit in a chair and she had to safeguard keys. Aarav, Snehan and Ganesh won the task by getting hold of the keys of the boxes. 3 winners get their reward. Aarav is saved from this week’s eviction, Snehan gets luxury budget point and Ganesh can save one person from the eviction. Suja gets the punishment. Big Boss asks the winners to push Suja into the pool. She is seen very scared about it. She refuses saying she does not know swimming but later obliges.

Then to everybody’s surprise, New contestant joins Big Boss Tamil house - Harish Kalyan. He comes jumping the compound wall. He gives task to lady contestants. He divides them into 2 teams.

Raiza and Suja in one team, and Bindhu and Gayathri in the other. He asks them to make a quick bite for him. Raiza starts making chapathi whereas the other team comes up with a carrot salad. Later, he tells it was just a prank and it was not something that Big Boss told.

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Aarav pulls Raiza for being eager to serve the new guest to which she says that she thought that she would have to jump in the pool and she didn’t want to as she had just straightened her hair today itself. Aarav, Gayathri and Raiza have a hearty laugh and Raiza tells them on a serious note that some prank should be played on Harish, the next day with double the trouble!

Now that brings some relief to the Bigg Boss Tamil viewers as with the homecoming of Harish and Suja the boredom seems to be leaving the house!

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  • First Published: August 18, 2017, 5:21 PM IST
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