Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya Asked to Pack Bags in Episode 41

Image: Twitter/Vijay Television

Image: Twitter/Vijay Television

It remains a secret whether Oviya Helen left Bigg Boss Tamil House last night or she’s stayed back.

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Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 41 started with Oviya disturbing Aarav in his sleep and saying ‘You think I am a fool’, Are you not guilty of cheating me’.’You are a play boy, a cheater’. The annoyed Aarav complaints it to other house- mates. The inmates are worried about Oviya’s behaviour. Snehan tells Big Boss to send a doctor immediately or give her sleeping pills as she has not slept properly the previous days and she is out of her mind. Oviya tries to provoke Julie calling her liar and she tells her not to disturb her ever with her songs. Julie keeps her cool and she takes her blanket and pillow and sleeps in the boys’ bedroom away from Oviya. Oviya can be seen not able to get sleep and she lies down near the pool saying ‘I love you Aarav’.

In the morning Gayathri is seen trying to console Oviya saying be like the Oviya she has been in the first week of the show. Everyone is fond of that Oviya and everything will fall into place. Gayathri tells other house mates to behave normally to Oviya and not to avoid her. During the time of breakfast, Oviya tries to talk to Julie in a friendly manner for which Julie also replies politely and friendly, singing songs with her and having fun. Meanwhile, Shakthi tells Snehan that if Oviya is not evicted this week he would like to quit the show. Oviya’s issue is giving him lots of stress and he cannot handle it anymore.

Oviya is called in the confession room. She tells she was OK in the beginning but now she is bored in the house.

Big Boss assigns the ‘tug of war‘task to the contestants. The contestants are divided into two teams. Ganesh, Snehan, Bindu, Vaiyapuri and Julie in one team and the rest of the contestants in the other team. Ganesh’s team wins the task. Bigg Boss asks the winners to nominate a person from the other team for the eviction process. As per the nominations, most of the votes were against Aarav and his name gets included in the elimination list.

Oviya tells Big Boss that she needs a doctor to check her health. If she is alright she is ready to continue in the house, otherwise, she would like to leave the house and take treatment.

Oviya is seen deliberately trying to get drowned in the swimming pool. The other contestants bring her back and they ask Bigg Boss to do something immediately. Bigg Boss tells Oviya to get ready with her bags and within 45 minutes she can leave the house.

It remains a secret whether Oviya Helen left Bigg Boss Tamil House last night or she’s stayed back. However, if Oviya has left, then there’s nothing left in the show for the audience which has been following Oviya’s charm, rebellious one-liners, no-nonsense attitude and the modern Indian girl she represents.

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