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Blurr Movie Review: Taapsee Pannu Starrer Clear on Paper But Blurry on the Screen

By: Dishya Sharma

Edited By: Shrishti Negi


Last Updated: December 09, 2022, 09:37 IST

Mumbai, India

Taapsee Pannu in Blurr.
Taapsee Pannu in Blurr.

Blurr A

  • 9 December 2022 | Hindi
  • 2 hrs 00 mins | Horror thriller
  • Starring: Vishal Rana, Taapsee Pannu, Zee Studios, Pranjal Khandhdiya, Tony Dsouza, Pradeep Sharma, Manav Durga
  • Director: Ajay Bahl
  • Music: Ketan Soda

Blurr movie review: Taapsee Pannu starrer serves an interesting concept but the execution weighs it down.

When Taapsee Pannu announced her production house, Outsiders Films will be backing Blurr — a remake of the Spanish film Julia’s Eyes — I couldn’t help but wonder what prompted her to kickstart her production journey with a remake. However, an hour into the film, the answer became clearer — the concept is interesting. Sold as a horror-thriller, the story of Blurr revolves around Gayatri (Taapsee) who faces two massive turns in life — the death of her twin sister and her eyesight weakening with every passing day.

It is initially believed that her sister Gautami (played by Taapsee) took her own life since she also lost her eyesight, Gayatri smells something fishy and takes off on a journey of discovering the truth. Her journey is filled with rain (a lot of it), weakening eyesight, and a series of deaths.

On paper, Blurr seems interesting, be it the concept, the twists, and even the characterizations of the twin sisters which seems to explain the reason Taapsee agreed to do the film. But the film gets blurry in the execution process. Director and co-writer Ajay Bahl seemed to be confused with not only the approach to use for narration but also the genre to focus on. The editing is also patchy in most parts of the film, leaving you confused about the flow of the film and several unanswered questions. It also felt like the film relied heavily on jumpscares, even in places it didn’t fully require.

Blurr appeared to be heavily inclined towards being a thriller for most parts of the film but Bahl’s attempt to add a horror touch leads to the narrative of Blurr losing focus. There is a scene in the second half of the film wherein Gautami has a nightmare that feels like an enhanced version of the horror scene from Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s horror film Alone. At that point, I was confused if the film is finally taking the horror to turn its promise but it disappointed me.

The uneven narration tool also impacts Taapsee and Gulshan Devaiah’s performances. Having seen them deliver some memorable performances in the past with Thappad and Unpaused, respectively, it is evident that they were not given enough room to take their characters out of the box.

In scenes where she gets the space to establish a foundation and perform, she aces in it. Especially in the scenes where she is blindfolded, Taapsee has you rooting for her. I wish we would have gotten to see more of her twin version as well. Gulshan has little to offer but in the scenes where he is, you cannot help but doubt him through it all.

The film’s advantage is its cinematography. Sudhir K. Chaudhary, who was recently behind the lens for Drishyam 2, does a fine job of capturing the mystery of the rainy hill station. For someone who is scared of the dark, he fuelled my fear of it with the climax scene.

Blurr had the potential of being a great film despite it being a remake but it falls short in its unsteady execution.

Blurr is now streaming on Zee5.

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