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Britney Spears Sends Fans into Meltdown As She Calls for Wealth Redistribution Amid Coronavirus Panic

Image courtesy: AP

Image courtesy: AP

Britney Spears has echoed calls for a strike and the redistribution of wealth in a post on Instagram.

Days after American comedian Larry the Cable Guy slammed Hollywood celebrities for being "clueless" in their efforts to ease the public's concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, pop icon Britney Spears has called for a general strike and the redistribution of wealth.

On Monday, the 38-year-old singer shared a text graphic with a quote from writer Mimi Zhu on her Instagram page.

The post, which Zhu had originally shared on her own account, read: “During this time of isolation, we need connection now more than ever. Call your loved ones, write virtual love letters. Technologies like virtual communication, streaming and broadcasting are part of our community collaboration.

“We will learn to kiss and hold each other through the waves of the web. We will feed each other, re-destribute (sic) wealth, strike. We will understand our own importance from the places we must stay. Communion moves beyond walls. We can still be together.”

Resharing the post, Spears highlighted the phrase “Communion moves beyond walls” in her caption. You can see the post below.

You can check out reactions to Spears' post below.

This comes after Larry the Cable Guy, whose real name is Daniel Whitney, blasted Hollywood celebrities like Gal Gadot, Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman and Zoe Kravitz last week over a viral video featuring more than a dozen stars signing John Lennon's hit song Imagine.

Whitney highlighted the hypocritical nature of the video because Hollywood celebrities have largely ignored the homelessness epidemic.

"Here’s a message from people with a lot of possessions that can take a year off of work and not flinch telling everyone outa work to imagine a world with no possessions while people are living in the street a half mile away from ‘em," Whitney tweeted Thursday.