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'Butterfingers Could Be My Middle Name': Twinkle Khanna Describes Her Clumsy Self

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Twinkle Khanna says she's rather clumsy and talent-less, but is good at turning a patch of land into a beautiful garden.

Twinkle Khanna's social media posts are mostly witty and laced with humour. The former actress also pokes fun at herself, even while talking about some achievement.

In her recent Instagram post, the 46-year-old shared a picture of her beautiful garden that has often appeared in her social media feed. The caption reads, "I am inordinately clumsy and butterfingers could be my middle name but my thumb is a spectacular green. Can't cook, can't dance, can't even make small talk, but give me a tiny piece of land and I will give it so much love that it can't help but love me back (sic.)"

Twinkle's garden is visibly one of her favourite spots in the house by the beach. She often shares pictures of her activities with the garden in the background, whether she is working, reading or simply having tea.

Meanwhile, Twinkle joined fellow members from the entertainment business for India's biggest at-home concert. The Give India initiative featured some of the most renowned names from the showbiz and was showcased on Facebook Iive on May 3.

Twinkle is a popular columnist and has penned novels like Pyjamas Are Forgiving, Mrs Funnybones and The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad. Apart from writing, she is also a producer and an interior designer. She takes multi-tasking to another level with her digital content establishment, Tweak India. It's a platform for open conversations and engagement in meaningful debate.