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Can Dark Fate Bring Back Soul to the Terminator Franchise?

Terminator Dark fate poster.

Terminator Dark fate poster.

Terminator Dark Fate has Linda Hamilton reprise her role as Sarah Connor after 28 years. Will the film bring back life to the franchise?

Soheib Ahsan
  • Last Updated: November 1, 2019, 7:10 AM IST
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The Terminator franchise has had its ups and downs with new faces coming in and going out, but the most consistent one has always been that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. While the film franchise has only seen a dip in the last 16 years, its newest installment promises a new angle with familiar faces.

Terminator films, ever since the first film in 1984, have focused on the Connor family, more particularly around John Connor as the savior of the human race in a future war of humans and machines. The first film which was expected by the production company to be a failure was actually a hit among audiences. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton received a huge amount of praise for their performances. The film was also applauded for its detailed gore scenes. 

The second film in the franchise titled Judgement Day was also a hit among audiences. One of the film’s strongest points was the usage of visual effects to create a liquid metal based antagonist. Arnold Scwarzengger’s performance also won a lot of critical acclaim. One of the reasons being that in the sequel he was seen being on the side of the protagonists and therefore having an empathetic but confused reaction towards ordinary human customs as T-800.

Terminator’s third and fourth installments were complimented for their action scenes but failed to impress on the narrative front. Both films introduced new antagonists that did not differ from those seen in the previous installments on the visual effects aspect. Apart from that, both films followed a straightforward mechanical narrative that did not offer as much excitement as the first two films.

Things went even worse for the franchise with the release of Terminator Genisys. The film served as a reboot and was planned to be the first in a new trilogy. The film not only imposed a new story over the first two films but in fact turned its main character, John Connor, into an antagonist for the sake of attempting something new. The film’s failure resulted in the cancellation of the trilogy.

The upcoming installment titled Dark Fate promises to revive the excitement and creative value of the franchise. James Cameron himself had earlier stated that the film is a direct sequel to Judgement Day and that the prior sequels would be considered an alternate timelines. The film sees the focus shifted to another resistance fighter who needs to be protected from a new terminator from the future. What’s new in the film is the introduction of advanced human breeds that serve as a combination of man and machine unlike robots disguised as humans seen in previous films. While Arnold Schwarzenegger will be appearing in the film, Linda Hamilton has been revealed to be the film’s gun slinging hero taking more on the avatar of Schwarzenegger’s character from the previous films. She was even seen using his iconic line “I’ll be back” in the trailers. 

While the trailers and the new narrative have been promising for the film as well as the franchise, only time will tell if the franchise truly will be back or not.

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