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Chhatriwali Star Sumeet Vyas Recalls Sex Education Class, Says 'I Could See Male Teacher...' | Exclusive

By: Titas Chowdhury

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Last Updated: January 21, 2023, 10:12 IST

Mumbai, India

Chhatriwali, starring Rakul Preet Singh, marks Sumeet Vyas' first release of 2023.

Chhatriwali, starring Rakul Preet Singh, marks Sumeet Vyas' first release of 2023.

Sumeet Vyas, who is garnering praise for his role in Chhatriwali, reveals that growing up, sex was a forbidden fruit.

Actor Sumeet Vyas had a rather interesting and eventful 2022. He was seen headlining a bunch of web shows including Jugaadistan, Tripling Season 3 and Aar Ya Paar and a teleplay titled Gunehgaar last year. 2023 also promises to be a busy actor for Sumeet and Chhatriwali, which dropped yesterday, marks his first release this year. The film also stars actor Rakul Preet Singh and aims to normalise sex education and revolves around a quality control head in a condom factory.

In an exclusive chat with News18, Sumeet reveals that the challenge for an actor becomes manifold when they decide to become a part of a project that intends to destigmatise certain subjects and issues. But he felt Chhatriwali was a safe space as the film successfully conveys an important message without crossing the line and entering a zone where it may become uncomfortable for both the artistes as well as the viewers.

He says, “I like the way Chhatriwali has been dealt with. Before signing the film, the one thing that I wanted to make sure was that the makers are confident and very clear in their heads about the story that they are telling. When you are trying to tell a story about a subject that is slightly edgy or already a taboo, you have to be very confident about what you are saying. Clarity of thought is very important.”

The 39-year-old reveals that growing up, sex was a forbidden fruit and it did take him a while to come to terms with the fact that it isn’t something that robs one of their chastity. “The more you run away from sex education and feel shy about it, the more will it become a taboo. Growing up, I would feel a sense of guilt associated with sex. It took me a very long time to understand that it’s fine and that I haven’t done anything unholy (laughs). The guilt aspect of it is something that drives people in the wrong direction,” he explains.

Sumeet believes that responsibility lies with the elders to help normalise sex among youngsters so that no wrong decisions are taken by them. He points out, “As you grow up, you realise that there’s more to life than sex. It’s just a part of our lives and our life doesn’t revolve around it. I feel that it’s the job of our generation and the one older than us to introduce younger people to this facet of life without any prejudice, fear or embarrassment.”

Quiz him about his experience of studying sex education back in school and the Veere Di Wedding (2018) and Made In Chine (2019) actor shares, “In the ninth class, we had a ten-minute presentation on sex education where we were asked not to ask questions. Basically, there was no conversation.”

He goes on to elaborate, “I could see that the male teacher was so shy, embarrassed and awkward about the situation and so were we because we were very young. But it would have been nicer if he wasn’t so awkward because the one who’s addressing everyone drives the energy of the room. Even if someone in the class is trying to do some mischief, they would have stopped it beyond a point if our teacher would have been clear and calm about the situation. It would have also helped normalise sex as one of the many things that happen in humankind and we all need to know about it.”

Chhatriwali is currently streaming on ZEE5. ​

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