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Chitrangada Singh on Casting Couch: Lost Jobs Because I Refused To Give In

Facebook photo of Chitrangada Singh.

Facebook photo of Chitrangada Singh.

Chitrangada Singh talked about facing casting couch in an interview. The actress opened up about losing jobs as she refused to give in.

The #MeToo movement brought in a tidal wave of change in Bollywood. Not only were many people held accountable for their actions, it enabled a dialogue about a taboo topic in the industry. Even though many accusers have found themselves back in the creme de la creme of the industry, a lot of people have allowed structural change to ensure the safety of women.

Acyor Chitrangada Singh also opened up about being put in uncomfortable situations and the repercussions she faced because she did not give in. Speaking to SpotboyE, she said, "There are people like this everywhere. Right from my modelling days to Bollywood- I have seen them at all times. Corporate industry is just as bad. Yes, it has happened with me but, I would like to say that Bollywood industry is not the place where anybody forces you. There is enough space and respect for everyone and their choices."

"You do feel bad when you lose an opportunity but then those are the choices you make. So, you don't sulk about it. It feels bad and I have lost out on projects too but at the same time if you are comfortable with it, then go ahead and do it. I am not here to judge anyone," said Chitrangada.

She further added that many a times these favours asked were not sexual in nature. "There is not just sexual favour but other sort of favours too, which people seek. That's the way world functions, so you make your choices and live the way you like."

"I am not taking away from anyone who has been in the situation, I am not judging. This is just my point of view," she said.

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