Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Elsa Pataky Escapes Flood in Australia Through Car Window, Watch Video

Image courtesy: Elsa Pataky/Instagram

Image courtesy: Elsa Pataky/Instagram

Chris Hemsworth’s wife and Spanish actress Elsa Pataky recently faced the wrath of mother nature when she got stuck in her car on a flooded roadway.

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Chris Hemsworth’s wife and Spanish actress Elsa Pataky recently faced the wrath of mother nature. Recently, while driving her car in Australia, the actress got stuck in a flooded roadway, however, she successfully escaped it unhurt. She took to Instagram stories to share her ordeal with everyone.

In one of the stories, posted on Monday, July 27, Elsa can be heard saying, “I got stuck, yes. Awesome. Oh God, oh God, what am I doing?”

While the actress thought it would not be difficult for her to cross the waters in her car, the situation turned otherwise. She also shared the rising level of water, saying, “A bit too optimistic? I was so sure I could cross! What two days of rain can do!”

After searching for options to rescue herself in the situation, she eventually seemed to find her way out. “My only option… through the window!!” the actress said in a video.

In another clip, she was seen coming out of the car through the window. Thanking her friends for coming to her rescue, the caption to her Instagram story read, “What would I do without you guys?”

Watch the entire incident here:

Elsa, along with husband Chris Hemsworth and daughter India Rose, 7, and twin sons Sasha and Tristan, 5, live in the relatively remote area of Byron Bay in Australia.

Talking about her choice to Vogue Australia, she revealed, “My daughter started to get scared of photos (paparazzi in LA), actually. So we realized this is not a way to live, because you just become enclosed in a house. I love nature and I love to be outside, and I wanted my kids to have that freedom, so we decided to leave.”

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