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Chris Pratt Says He Hates His 'Onward' Co-Star Tom Holland

Chris Pratt Says He Hates His 'Onward' Co-Star Tom Holland

Chris Pratt shared an Instagram post appreciating the young actor and concluded it that he has realised that he hates him. Tom left him a comment on this post.

Actor Chris Pratt feels his Onward co-star Tom Holland is "dashing, charming and handsome", and has come to the conclusion that he hates him.

"I really can't say enough good things about my friend Tom Holland. He's dashing, charming, handsome. He's an amazing dancer -- like (he) could actually save the universe in a dance-off, an incredible talent. More importantly (he is) a really good bloke," Pratt wrote in his Instagram post.

Pratt further described Holland as "humble, kind and good at golf", before adding: "Basically. I hate him. Do you know? Like... enough is enough."

Reacting to Pratt's post, Holland commented: "Chris let me know when you want that golf lesson… love you mate And thank you for always being the Barley to my Ian."

After their stint as superheroes in the Avengers franchise, Pratt and Holland got a chance to work together again on the animated urban fantasy film Onward.

Set in a suburban fantasy world, Onward is about two teenage elf brothers who embark on a quest to discover if there is a little magic left in the world. Pratt has voiced the character of Barley Lightfoot, the big brother to Holland's Ian Lightfoot. Disney-Pixar's Onward is all set to release the film in India on March 6.

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first published:March 04, 2020, 16:37 IST