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Comedian Bharti Reveals Why She Does Not Have A Photo Of Her Father At Home

Comedian Bharti Reveals Why She Does Not Have A Photo Of Her Father At Home

Comedian Maniesh Paul shared a snippet of a podcast with Bharti where she spoke about her father.

Bharti Singh is one of the most talented stand-up comedians in the country. She has been a part of various successful television shows and even Bollywood films where she has made the audience laugh till they can’t take it anymore. However, recently, she showcased a more serious and poignant side to her when she appeared as a guest on Maniesh Paul’s podcast. During the conversation, she revealed that in her life, she just has her mother as her father passed away when she was just two years old.

Talking about her father, the comedy queen got teary-eyed and shared that she doesn’t allow anyone to put up pictures of her father in their home. She explains that while her brother and sister, who are elder to her, have experienced their father’s love, she has not. Even while growing up, she was devoid of a brother’s love since everyone was busy in their lives.

When Bharti got married to screen writer and television host Haarsh Limbachiyaa and received love from her husband, she realised the importance of having a man in one’s life. She added that Haarsh’s love has changed her life a lot.


Maniesh posted a snippet of the podcast on his Instagram page and wrote the greatest comedian of all time Charlie Chaplin’s quote in the caption. He then went on to add that people who make others “laugh” often suffer a lot in their personal lives and similarly the comedian has faced a lot of hardships. He ended the note by expressing his happiness that Bharti was able to share her “wounds” with him.

When the actress had achieved fame for herself, she had even revealed in an interview that she had a great interest in rifle shooting and archery so much so that she wanted to pursue a career in it and even represent India at the Olympics. She used to research a lot about the equipment and clothes used in the sport and found out that it costs around Rs 10 lakh. However, at that time, her family could not afford this huge amount and so she had to give up on her dream. She had confessed that she regrets it a lot. Today, when she has money, she cannot pursue it since the time for it has flown away.

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first published:July 15, 2021, 11:07 IST