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COVID-19 Crisis: Bollywood Celebrities Who are Spreading Awareness on Mental Health

Image Source: Instagram

Image Source: Instagram

In these trying times, Bollywood celebrities have come forward and joined hands with citizens to help people in need amid the pandemic.

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has escalated in unprecedented ways and crippled the country. The citizens are in desperate need of oxygen supplies and the health care system is collapsing. Amid this chaos, however, several celebrities have come forward to use their platform and influence to help people with the medical assistance they need. People have been using social media to call for help, including hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, medicines and plasma, and celebrities have joined hands with them to help amplify those calls.

Last year, Sonu Sood earned the tag of a messiah for the relentless work he did to help migrant workers reach their home, and this year celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, Bhumi Pednekar and many others have been using their celebrity influence to help people.

However, apart from arranging medical help, some celebrities have also focused on bettering the mental health of people amid the deadly pandemic. Actress Deepika Padukone, who has never shied away from talking about the importance of mental health, shared helpline numbers on her social media account recently. In her Instagram post, she highlighted the significance of strong mental and emotional health in these trying times and shared a list of verified mental health helpline numbers.

She reminded her fans and followers that they are not alone in this situation, and wrote, “As millions of us (me and my family included) strive to stay afloat, let us not forget that our emotional well-being in this current crisis, is equally important! Remember, You Are Not Alone. We are in this Together. And most importantly, there is Hope!"


Ever since the pandemic broke out, uncertainty has hit people, they are confined to their homes, and life has come to a halt. To top it, social media is filled with cries for help and death news. To ensure that people find professional help to get them through these unprecedented times, Sanjana Sanghi launched a campaign to help people connect with qualified professionals.

On Sunday, the Dil Bechara actress announced the launch of a mental health campaign titled Here to Hear. The campaign aims at providing people with free sessions with psychologists and qualified listeners associated with the online counselling platform.

Taking to her Instagram account, she wrote, “Coping, getting through, and managing our thoughts, fears, anxieties and confusions through this extremely trying time is anything but easy. But things are tough enough, let’s not make them tougher for ourselves."

The platform will provide 30-minute Audio & Text sessions with a psychologist, or a qualified listener at any time of the day.

Actress Shilpa Shetty decided to encourage people and reassure them by sharing a motivating note on her social media handle. She wrote that despite reading about the actual situation can take people’s mind to ‘very dark places’, stories of strangers helping strangers and coming forward for them is reassuring.

Actor R Madhavan, in a very considerate post, asked people to focus on children, for whom this situation can be particularly distressing. “Their world has become frightening and they have are being mostly neglected," he wrote while urging people to spare a thought for the young kids in this chaos, uncertainty, and stress.

It is heartwarming to see these celebrities reminding people of the importance of sound mental health at a time when it tends to be ignored in the face of more tangible factors during a health care crisis.

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